Radha Mohan today 29 th Oct full episode hd

 You are going to see Radha Mohan serial in Zee TV, Mohan is going to get rid of Lakshmi in his rasa, even then Dam holds Mohan's hand and tells Mohan that you should not ask me.  I want to marry you and you had warned me that you will marry me but Mohan has been cheated even then

Mohan has to say to Damani that.

 nothing happened if Damani is with Radha and Gungan sometimes.  I will not do it because of the time I am worried about my daughter Gungan because I have been trying to contact Radha for a long time but we are not getting any contact.  will be done  sath biji Hogi isliye.

 Tumhara phone Nahin Utha Rahi Hogi ji han doston tabhi Mohan says to Damani Radha never does this Radha never ignores my phone when Gungan is with her Yes friends now Mohan's mother kuduhi Mohan  She says that you listen to Damini and nothing will happen.

 to your Gungan. This friend Tab Tulsi is very worried because Tulsi has come to know about Damini's nakedness.  Why Radha has hinted to Mohan that we are not safe here, so Mohan has understood Radha's words and seems to be going after Radha after breaking off his.

 marriage with Radha's family.  You will give it to Logon and Shekhar B will tell his brother Mohan. I will also go with you because I am also worried about my niece Gungan.  I was feeling very big, so I was going to talk to you, Mohan, but Radha had to go  Yes, friends, he is from.

 the other side. He will appear to be pushing Radha.  He wanted to fit Saman in the car, but Radha uses his bag to take it from his hand. The driver gets angry and shows Radha trying to hit Dhaka with the car.  Radha keeps quiet, but Gungan.

 is no longer alive because she is not a driver, we are a punk.  Hello Radha was kidnapped earlier but Radha is already dead so she is quiet until she gets the number to the kids.

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