Radha Mohan today 30 th Oct full episode hd

 Drama Serial Radha Mohan Na Yeh Hua Hai Ki Damini Himisha wants to kill Gangan Bar Damini wants to kidnap Gangan When Gangan is going to school, Malishka sends some goons to kill her.  Mohan and Radha have been together to pick up Gungan from.

 school, then on the way they see Gungan some goons are taking him away. Mohan and Radha think of the goons.  They are going to the place and they make Gungan unconscious and somewhere they go away Mohan and Radha are wondering where Gungan is.  They are there, but.

 the goons are nowhere to be seen, there is only one way, it is damaged by Mohan, Radha and Mohan are cheating Gungan, then Gangan's bag is found, and Mohan is shaken by the way.  Hai ki Gungan Yeh kehi hai hai Mohan is also a dense forest, Radha and Mohan are shouting to.

 Gungan.  They put their hands even then Radha and Mohan come to know that Gungan has said this. Radha and Mohan go a little further, then they see one house each and Mohan rushes into the house.  Gangan is cooked and gun is placed on Gangan's head. Gangan .

 says that if one of you two comes forward, Gungan will not be alive.  Not come.  When Jodi picks up the stick and hits him, Siddha binds the goon and Gan falls from the goon's hand and Gangan runs to Radha.  And that's good.  Even then the goons say that we have done all this.

 at the behest of Damini. Radha and Mohan are shocked when they see all this.  When they reach home, all the family members ask what happened to all of you, why are you guys in such a state, when Damani sees them, she gets worried that somewhere the goons have taken Radha.

 and didn't let her go even then Mohan.  And Radha tells Damani that he should go to Damani's place, I want to talk to you about something. When Damani comes to Mohan's place, Mohan gets angry and says, "How dare you insult my daughter?"  How dare you kidnap my daughter Gungan. All the family members are.

 angry with Damini and say that Damini is bad today, she will not stay in the house.  Go Damini says don't ask me to leave the house where will I go Radha says you leave the house Damini starts crying saying forgive me now I won't do anything like this but Radha and Mohan don't know this and Bihar leaves the house.  are

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