Radha Mohan today 31 October full Episode HD

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan Yeh Hawa Hai Ke Damini Hamisha Mohan tries to get rid of Radha, she backfires whenever she tries to do something.  Because Radha is with Gungan, Radha always saves Gungan, Radha doesn't let anything happen to Gungan, I will get Mohan.  So I hit

Radha myself with my own hand. Dilangi.

 Damani says whenever I try to do something with Radha, always Gungan goes in the middle and Gungan always foils my plan. I think baby is lying.  I have never completed my work. All this is done by Gungan's voice. Damini says that first I have to teach Gungan Subak.  Damani.

 says I won't see anything at the bar. Damani says when it's night, all the family members will be sleeping in their own work, so I myself.  Gungan uses hit work and says I have to do anything to get Mohan. Damani says I can go to any extent to get Mohan.  So someone has.

 mine too and says I will kill Gungan if Gungan is not there then it will be easy to separate Mohan and Radha. Damani says I have to kill Gungan.  What is going on, what is Damini doing, Damini becomes very angry, Damini goes to Gungan's room at night with a gun, Damini goes


 to kill Gungan, Damini is about to kill Gungan with a gun, Damini is about to shoot Gungan.  Gungan is sleeping, Gungan doesn't see Damani, Tulsi comes to Gungan's room, Tulsi is not seen by anyone, but Tulsi sees that Damni is going to kill Gungan, even then, Tulsi.

 Damani's quality is cute that you are my daughter.  Tulsi says that now I am not you. Chowrangi Tulsi says that I always give you thieves but you always tip my daughter.  San tries to reach Dekad Koshikar's plane, Damini goes to full, Damini goes to her room, Damini gets very.

 angry, Damini is crying, Damini says I didn't know there is another one.  Bahu is happy to see Mohan and Radha together. Damani says what can I do with Tulsi.  Damani is very worried. Damani wants me to do something. Damani says that I will not accept everyone.  Damini Bahoot is skeptical and tries to reach Gungan but she fails in her efforts whenever.

 she tries to go to God.  Why does Radha know that Damini is not true for all of us, Damini keeps trying to get numbers to us, so Radha  Hamisha keeps Gangan with her. Radha Hamisha counts on Gangani but she fails in her efforts. This makes Damini very angry. Damani says why does this always happen 

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