Radio Mohan today 18 th Jan full episode hd

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan, Yeh Hawa Hai, Damini is always behind Gangani and Radha and wants Gangini to leave the world, and Main Mohan's wife Bin Jaan Damini says that now it is easy to do something like that, and get killed.  Don't even break the sticks Damni.

 Damni says will I give Gungan lunch when Gungan is getting ready for school then Damni comes to take her to get a glass of milk then she sees Radha there too Damni says give a glass of milk.  Two Gangan has to go to school, she will get.

 scared, Radha also starts thinking why Damani is worried about Gungan today.  hai Damini says she did not become a man uski man but uski man Jaisi to hun Radha uski Yah Baat Sunkar Chup Ho Jaati Hai Aur usko Dudh ka gilas De Deti.

 Hai Damini Dudh Ka Gilas Lekar Aati Hai To Dekhti Hai Ki Gungun is getting ready.  So Damani puts poison in the milk. When Damani is adding poison, Mohan's man sees that Damani is mixing something in the milk.  When Mohan starts.

 to give milk, she takes milk from Mohan's man Damini and drinks it.  She sees that she is unconscious and leaves from there. Gungan let's go. Then she goes to let Gungan go. When the family hears, everyone goes to Gungan.

 and they see that Mohan's man has regained consciousness.  The rest of the family members also go to the hospital. The doctor says that they have something poisonous, which is why they are in this condition. The doctor says.

that you should just pray.  He says that the patient is now springing from Khatre. Mohan says, can I meet my maan? The doctor says not now. You can meet me in an hour.  He goes to meet Mohan and Mohan tells everything to Mohan. Mohan.

 angrily comes to Damani and slaps Damni and says that today you are not in my hands.  Chogi Mohan starts to call the police in a hurry. Radha stops Mohan. Radha says that if she has gone to the police, they will question her, so it is better.

 to sort out the mess at home. Mohan stops.  And all the family members go home. Mohan slaps Damani again and says that spring comes out of my house, then Damini starts crying and making a noise.

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