Bhagya Lakshmi today 27 jan full episode hd

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi Yeh Hua Hai Ki Malaysia Himisha wants to remove Lakshmi and Doon.  In writing to get Rishi, not to get Rishi, Malishka says that she has never succeeded in her plan.  I am Kirti, I love Rishi, I love us very much and I want to marry her, even then Rishi didn't listen to me. Malaysia says that now I and Bardasht can't get together, that I can keep them both away.  Malishka says.

 that I can't see them. Malishka says what should I do in the end. Malishka starts thinking.  Malaysia starts thinking, Malaysia says what should I do in the end, Malaysia It seems that I am going to be the husband of Rishi's child. Malishka says that this way all the family members will agree with me and Rishi will be mine and ISI will get married to me.  Malishka.

 says I have to force you to be with me. Malishka goes to all the housemates. Malishka pretends to be sick. All the housemates say to Malishka, what happened to you, why is your condition so bad?  of  Rishi's baby is about to become Rishi's man. She slaps Malishka. She says what are you talking.

 about, are you crazy, who can you tell all this to whom can you become Rishi's baby's man?  Malishka says I am telling the truth, I am going to become Rishi's child's husband, are you not in my words, I am telling the truth in one way, I am Rishi's child's husband.  It doesn't happen, then all the family members go.

 there, all the family members say, what happened, Rishi's heart is sour, that Malishka is saying all this, all the family members are there, then the vehicle comes to Lakshmi, when Lakshmi comes to know this.  Lakshmi starts crying and says to Malishka that you are telling lies.  Rahi, are you telling the truth? You are also a man of Rishi's child, or you.

 can't tell the truth, so why can't I speak? I am also a man. This Sankar Lakshmi is very worried.  She goes and told everything to Rishi. Rishi gets worried. Lakshmi says I didn't expect this from you. Lakshmi says you betrayed me. You are my trust. Lakshmi says no, I can't stay with you anymore.  Now I said to you, not on my own calf, old Dongi Rishi eats, what are you.

saying? Rishi eats, how can you do all this?  Now I don't care about any of your words, I wanted to win over you. Lakshmi is angry that I don't listen to

you now. Lakshmi is a quarrel about house theft. Now I won't be with Rishi. Lakshmi is a thief.  Rishi's man goes. Rishi's man says Lakshmi, what are you doing, you can't leave.

 the house, you are the mother of the house and now you stay in the house.  Lakshmi says you didn't think about me very soon. Lakshmi says that earlier you didn't consider me as your daughter-in-law, now why are you considering me as your daughter-in-law, where is Lakshmi?  Malishka gets very happy seeing all this. 

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