Bhagya Lakshmi Today Mar 6 full episode hd

 In Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV you will see when Malaysia tries to torture Lakshmi every dark but still Lakshmi gets laid by Rishi every time because Rishi loves Lakshmi not alone Harkod.  Baar supports Lakshmi but Baar Manisha along with her mother Karan is going to plan something which

Rishi will be very confused as to why Malaysia is planning to take.

 Rishi away from Lakshmi.  I don't know why malaysia is kidnapping herself why you guys because malaysia has decided now no matter what happens i don't have to separate Rishi and Lakshmi from each other malaysia is my daughter.  She will show support to you guys.

 and on the other hand Aayush is also going to get into a big misunderstanding because Sonia has left Malaysia and has told Malaysia to keep Aayush and Shalo away from each other.  Dongi Yes friends Sonia will now be seen showing hatred for Shalo in her brother Aayush's heart, you know why Sonia hates Shalo, Sonia.

 keeps insulting everything, this friend Sonia will now change her to Chalo.  You guys will be seen and Aayush will also be seen supporting his sister Sonia on this.  People will see very soon when Aayush stay away from me Shalo because you are not what I thought you to be you.

 have cheated me yes friends now Shalo will also be very confused hearing Aayush's words why you guys  Why not call Shalu Sonia I think isliye chalu bahut Pareshan Hoti Hai Aayush's behavior See why Aayush is so serious about Shalu in his life because Aayush loves Shalu till Kefi and.

 Shalu also loves Aayush.  It is written now, Sonia will be seen playing the role of the wife of these two, Neelam will be very happy to see Aayush hating Shalo because Neelam doesn't give Prasad to Lakshmi and Shalo all the time.  She doesn't do it and wants to marry her son Rishi.

 from Malaysia but Rishi is not ready for it because Rishi has now become Lakshmi's husband and Rishi says to his mother Neelam Sabi that I should cheat on my wife Lakshmi.  I don't think so.  Until then, I can't marry a Malaysian because Neelam hates Lakshmi

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