Bhagya Lakshmi Today jan 23 full episode hd

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai, Maleshka wants to remove Rishi and Lakshmi Don.  I have to do something. Malishka always takes Balvendra's help. Malishka always reaches Lakshmi's number with the help of Balvendra. She does this by giving money to Balvendra.  He is calling Malishka. Malishka.

 says I won't give her money anymore. Balvinder Malishka says if you don't give me money then see what I will do with you. Balvinder Kinta Kahtab Hai what are you doing with Lakshmi Balvinder Malishka.  Malishka is blackmailing him. Malishka is very angry. Malishka says where can I borrow so much money and.

 where in the world will I get this money?  It's just that I don't know how to do anything. Give me money for me. I think that if you don't give me two money once, then you will see what I will do with you.  Balwinder is very angry and goes Balwinder says that now it.

 is not me but Balwinder's matter  In the end, what should I do with Balvinder? How is it that I will teach the subject? Balvinder is very angry. Balvinder kidnaps Malishka.  I have come on your request, I have kidnapped Lakshmi. Balvinder tells Malishka that now it is your.

 turn. All the family members are very worried about Malishka's words. Wow, Malishka is being cheated. Malishka is nowhere to be found. Lakshmi is very much  Lakshmi is worried and eats, where can this Maleshka go? Lakshmi says from where she has been.

together. She works. Lakshmi says where can this Maleshka go now. Lakshmi says that this is a new trick of Maleshka.  So no, Malishka's mind

is very troubled, she is crying, she is crying, she is singing to me, Malishka's father is also very troubled, they are trying to destroy.

 Malishka, now Lakshmi comes to Malishka's man.  She says I know you will be mine.  In the music, Maleshka's man says to Lakshmi that you tell me where my daughter is, I know you are the one who kidnapped my daughter.  Lakshmi says I don't know why I will do this to your daughter. Lakshmi is upset.

 that I am not your daughter's daughter. Lakshmi says I don't know.  All the family members start to admire Lakshmi, they say to Lakshmi that what are you saying, don't you see that she doesn't see what her daughter is talking about.  Why are you telling these things? They say that you should comfort her, instead

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