Bhagya Lakshmi Today 16 th November full episode hd

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Maleshka Himisha wants to get Don away from Rishi even now Maleshka is waiting for Rishi Maleshka says she is getting married to Rishi by some Nashi and Shadi.  Lakshmi is busy taking Don away. Rishi has to go to Bihar for some work. Rishi has to go to Bihar.

 for office work and Vo Rishi is getting ready to go to Bihar.  Lakshmi is very worried because Lakshmi is not happy about Rishi's departure. Lakshmi can't stay without Rishi. Lakshmi starts crying even then Rishi goes alone in the room. Rishi Lakshmi has nothing to.

 do with you.  Can't stay and for how many days are you going to Bihar then where will I stay?  So Malishka misses Ek Jai, Malishka wants to see Man-in-Done happy together.  I don't think I will get a chance to make a place for myself in everyone's heart and turn everyone against.

 Lakshmi.  Jaane Dingi Malishka says this is true chance, Rishi won't happen and Lakshmi will be alone, I can do it with Lakshmi if I want. Malishka gets very happy.  He says Rishi has left his brother, but you understand that Lakshmi bhabhi is now alone and you can do whatever you want with her. Ayush says.

 I am with Lakshmi bhabhi, I am always with Lakshmi bhabhi.  I will stay and you will not do anything, so get this idea out of your heart that you can do anything with sister-in-law Lakshmi.  Ek Gaya and Dusra Rah Gaya Malishka says this is telling the truth. Malishka says I can't do anything with Lakshmi.  Tabhi Malishka.

 ke Dimag Mein Ek Idea Aata Hai Malishka Kisi Aadami Ko Lakshmi Ka number de Deti Hai Malishka use aadami ko paise dekar yah kam karvati hai and vah paise lekar yah kam likha hai tells the man that you should call Lakshmi and ask Lakshmi.  By telling a lie, he had an accident with his younger sister and her.

 condition is very bad and we are in the hospital. On Malishka's request, the man does the same. Akshmi is working in the kitchen. Lakshmi gets a call.  The man says that your younger sister has met with an accident and her condition is very bad and we have brought her to the hospital.  Aayush goes and eats Lakshmi, what happened, why are you.

 crying, Lakshmi tells Aayush, that's it.  Is.  Aayush says to Lakshmi let's go to the hospital now, they both go to the hospital when Malishka finds out that Aayush has also gone with Lakshmi, she is very happy.  What is she doing now? Malishka goes to Lakshmi's room. Malishka does everything in Lakshmi's room.  She comes when she sees what Lakshmi is.

 doing in her room, she is very upset and is very angry about Lakshmi's use.  Rishi's mother says that I don't know where she has gone now and she never went there even after telling me. Malishka goes there again. Malishka says never, what happened to Kamre?  Lakshmi's condition, what has happened to her colleague, Malishka says yes, you are saying exactly that, now Lakshmi is worried  

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