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 Lakshmi told me that her excuse is lost, then my whole plan will fail, this log Lakshmi will start helping Lakshmi. Jaenge Maleshka says whatever happens these people should not talk to Lakshmi, I don't want people to know, I want to love someone, she says what should I do. That is why Lakshmi is not being talked to. Malishka says that this log will try to talk to Lakshmi. Rishi is not.

 even the love of Lakshmi, Kiran Lakshmi herself is trying to cheat her sister. Lakshmi gets it. Now she goes home. When Lakshmi goes home, all the family members are very visible. They are looking angry. ki Man vahan per bolati hai ki tum ab is Ghar Mein Aogi Tumhari is Ghar Mein Ab Koi Jagah Nahin Hai Rishi ki man khati hai ki ab bus Humane Tumhen Jitna.

 Bardasht karna tha done now we can't Bardasht you any more this Sankar Lakshmi is very Lakshmi gets shocked and says what are you saying, why can't I stay in the house, this is my house too, Rishi's matter, this is not your house, Lakshmi starts crying, Lakshmi tries to talk to everyone. Malishka doesn't even allow to talk. Malishka says I have to stop Lakshmi from talking. Lakshmi has.

 to stop everyone from talking. Be the first to lose. Even though she tries, Malishka's speech is a party, everyone in the house doesn't listen to Lakshmi. They leave Lakshmi's house. Lakshmi goes to her aunt's house. Malishka is very happy. I left Lakshmi out of the house, Malishka says that now I have to do one more thing, now I have to get Rishi, I made a.

 place for myself in the hearts of all the family members, now I will have a place in Rishi's heart, Lakshmi. She is at her aunt's house, she is very worried. Rishi is also doing his work and goes back. When Rishi comes home, he asks about Lakshmi. Rishi says where is Lakshmi, even then Rishi's husband says that Lakshmi is there wherever she wants to.

 be, this is not Lakshmi's house, now there is no marriage. I will never come again Rishi this Sankar gets very surprised Rishi says to his man what are you saying Rishi says why won't she come home she is my b. V is she will come in the house Rishi says if Lakshmi is not staying in the house then I am also not staying in the house Rishi says I am now and ISI time Lakshmi is MA lishka ko bahut gussa a raha.

 hota hai Rishi goes to take Lakshmi. Malishka says I think Rishi will come to take Lakshmi home again. Rishi goes to take Lakshmi. Lakshmi sees Jabbar's Lakshmi. Lakshmi gets very happy. Lakshmi says that I knew you would come to get me. Rishi goes home with Lakshmi. Seeing Lakshmi, Malishka is shocked. Malishka says I don't think so. Malishka has gone and says that I have lost again and Lakshmi has won. Malishka gets angry. Malishka asks why this is happening to me. Trying to get Rishi, Maleshka says I think Rishi can never be mine

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