Bhagya Lakshmi Today 18 November full episode online HD

 In drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya it happened in ke Malishka Rishi and Lakshmi want to get rid of Don. Malishka is Lakshmi's enemy. She can never see Lakshmi happy.  Kahati Hai Ki Main Lakshmi ko can never look happy. Malishka starts thinking what should I do.  What should I do? Rishi's father says to Lakshmi that he wants to say.

 something good today because today he wants to be for all of us. He is very happy to hear from you.  I will cook food for you people. Rishi's father starts teasing Lakshmi. He says that you make a very good Khan. Malishka is angry with all this.  All the family members.

 always love Lakshmi.  They will not say anything to make food for Lakshmi. Malishka goes to her work. Malishka starts to think.  No, he goes to the car. He listens to everything. He wants to say to Malishka, what are you doing? Ayush says that I don't want to do that.  Aayush says why don't you forget Rishi bhai, why don't you.

 believe that Rishi bhai has become Lakshmi's and they love each other a lot, Aayush says that now you Rishi bhai and Lakshmi  Why don't you walk away from Bhabhi's life what Aayush is trying to do don't do it if you have done all that you tried to do something with Lakshmi Bhabhi again then see what I will.

 do with you in the bar.  I will not forgive you and I will not let you come to Lakshmi bhabhi not in my pleasure.  Malishka says that what should I do in the end, Malishka says that all the family members are behind Lakshmi, it will be very difficult to do anything with me.  No, I won't believe it. Lakshmi is working in the.

 kitchen, then Malishka also reaches there. Lakshmi starts not talking to Shammi and goes there. Ayush comes to know. Ayush says that I  I know that Malishka is going to do something. Aayush says that I was afraid to believe that she will not stop, she will try to do something.  What are you doing in the kitchen? Malishka quietly.

 leaves the kitchen. Aayush says that she will try to do something. Ayush says that first of all, I have to do something for Malishka, so that it doesn't happen to Lakshmi Bhabhi.  Try to do something together and all this for the happiness of the family, I have never done it.  An idea also comes in Ayush's mind. Ayush keeps harassing Malishka with.

 a wrong number. Ayush has Malishka's phone A and tries to hack the user.  Aayush calls Malishka from a new number and says, "No, I know you very well. Why do you keep trying to target Lakshmi? Why do you want to kill Lakshmi?"  She keeps trying and you Rishi wants to get it by 

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