Bhagya Lakshmi Today 18 th November full episode online HD

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV story has become very interesting, in the Jee Haan Dostoune Wale episode you guys are going to see Malaysia has killed Lakshmi completely dark because Malaysia wants Lakshmi always challenge two Malaysia two Malaysians.  I will.

 never let you live in Obera Parivar from China why you want me to live my Rishi and I will take away from you the most happiness in your life Jahan Dostu Per Lakshmi Jahan we have to love and Lakshmi seems.  Ko says.

 you have kidnapped my daughter Malaysia and tell me the truth where you have hidden my daughter and from further Lakshmi says to Karan I don't forget you.  Sonia says to Lakshmi that you are lying, Lakshmi, you will not tell the truth because we all know that you are.

 absent from Obara Parivar and you tell us.  Where did you go? Yes, friends, Lakshmi is silent. Why does Aayush's speech make a big mistake?  She will be seen picking up logon ko why because malaysia hai bar is not going to hold back she has plan to be with mulkaryo with mulkaryo.

 with blwinder.  Why is Rishi saved every time by seeing Lakshmi's side? Even Rishi will not be able to do anything because Lakshmi herself is quiet and blames everyone. Lakshmi will not take anything with Malaysia obrae parivar Walon  Ke Samne Ane Wali Hai Sonia.

 Ke Samne Ane Wali Hai Kyunki Sonia ke Sath Milkar apni Bhabhi is leaving her house but Ayush is going to return home very soon and you guys will see Yush very soon and why is Ayush right now in the family?  He will tell everyone.

 why she is not going to tell anyone about Lakshmi as soon as Aayush tells his family in his naked Tab Neelam also asks for my hand with Lakshmi Jodi Neelam hates Lakshmi all the time but ha  Lakshmi's silence will make its place in everyone's heart and you guys will see it very soon on Zee TV

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