Bhagya Lakshmi Today 2 th November full episode online hd

 In Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV you will see Malaysia has done its job yes friends in the upcoming episode you will see Malaysia hunting Lakshmi with Neelam why do you think Logon why won't you leave me  I have to ask why Lakshmi has bothered me so much now and not anymore. Yes, friends, now Malaysia will be seen.

 insulting Lakshmi. Why do you guys think that Malaysia is a paradise if I don't take anything from Neelam, Neelam is also Lakshmi.  hates so Malaysia will see you taking advantage of Neelam and on the other hand Aayush asks Shalo to come to his house yes friends Shalo.

 is now a Parivar why don't you think she is going to make a mess.  So Shalu says to Aayush that we should not let Malaysia do anything wrong with Lakshmi because every time Malaysia does something wrong ar Deti Hai jiski vajah se Lakshmi Musibat Mein Pad Jati Hai Doston is.

 Bar Bhi Malaysia Kuchh Aisa Karegi  Jiski vajah

Se Lakshmi ki Izzat per Kichad uchhala Jaega Ji h  an Doston jise Dekhkar Rishi ko Kafi burai hai ki Hai ki hai ki hai ki hai ki hai hai Kya Bar Rishi is going to go against his mother and you.

 guys will see very soon when he tells everyone you can't talk Lakshmi Sahastranam.  Why is Lakshmi the daughter-in-law of the house? There is a usage. Be respectful in the house. Yes, friends. The date of Sankar Rishi will also be very happy. Because.

 Rishi's father also wants to respect Lakshmi and considers Lakshmi as his daughter.  Lakshmi Rishi do not talk to your mother like this about talking to you from somewhere. Yes friends even then Rishi will say to Lakshmi, then you tell me why you talk to your mother, she.

 is blaming you.  Yes, I don't like Lakshmi, if you keep quiet, someone will have to speak. Yes, friends, Shalo also says to Lakshmi.  Stay, you don't have the courage to fall for the bad guys.  Why are you on Manisha's side?

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