Bhagya Lakshmi Today 20 th Nov full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Maleshka wants to get rid of Rishi and Lakshmi don, she keeps following Himisha Lakshmi, she tries to get Lakshmi to get Himisha's number, it's difficult to get married with broken laughter. Phi wa always fails in her efforts, she can't do what she wants to do, she always.

 fails in her efforts, Maleshka says I won't obey everyone, I will stay in my will, Maleshka starts thinking. The nation is Malishka says what do you want to do with me? Koo says what are you saying, you will try to get Lakshmi's number, you will try to kill Lakshmi. To see what I will do with you, that is to say, what are you.

 doing in the house, Rishi's father, you have committed many mistakes till today and we even forgive you, but I will not forgive you why. That you are planning to kill Lakshmi, Rishi's father says that you will have to do all this, what is the need to do everything, Rishi's father says that now Lakshmi and Rishi Donon loves a world.

 so much, why don't you forget Rishi now? Says no, I can never do this, I can never forget. Malishka says I will only get Rishi, I will wait a lot for Rishi in Kyonki and it is very difficult for Rishi. I will stay until I get Rishi and I will stay married to Rishi. Rishi's father says that I think you.

 don't think so. I told him not to marry you but Rishi's father says that all this can't happen now because now Rishi loves Lakshmi, now you should forget Rishi, now you will never get Rishi. He says I will leave the house now and ISI time because as long as you stay in the house you will keep trying to harm Rishi and.

 Lakshmi Don. Rishi's father says you want to leave. Now you try to pass your life with a new history. Rishi's father says that you should pack your bags, I will come to your house myself. Gussa a Jata Hai Malishka Rone lag Jaati Hai Malishka Kahati No I can't lose so fast Malishka says I have succeeded in my goal I will.

 leave home Malishka says everyone of me is there for me Malishka says no This can't happen, I can't leave home now, I can't do it so soon. She says what should I do, even then Malishka goes to Rishi's mana. Malishka starts crying while listening to Rishi's manna. She starts throwing her hands. I have to stay in the house. Malesh says that you guys should.

 not do all this with me. Even then, Rishi's father goes there. When you leave home, why do you need to do all this? No one is ready to listen to Malishka. No one listens to Malishka. I don't succeed in the end Malishka is leaving home Malishka is always the last to go every time Malishka was trying to reach Lakshmi's number Use the necklace Per Malishka.

 is alone Lakshmi is very happy to leave home Lakshmi says earlier I was afraid of Malishka as Malishka can do anything anytime Lakshmi says I don't have mine, Laxmi. Hati says that now my life will also pass very well. On the other hand, Maleshka is saying that I will not forgive Lakshmi. It all happened because of Lakshmi's voice. Malishka tells them to leave my house and says that all the family members have done this to me on the advice of Lakshmi.

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