Bhagya Lakshmi Today 29 th jan full episode online HD

 In Bhagilakshmi Zee TV, you will see Balwinder Karan telling you the reality of Malaysia.  My turn goes to Manisha's house and tells Karan that your daughter Malaysia is with me and she has sent me to you. Yes friends, Karan says to Balwinder that I also want to go with you

to my.

 daughter in Malaysia.  .  She loves him very much so she goes to him to meet her daughter but there is another twist in the story. Logon will be shown why now Rishi's father has seen Karan why Rishi's father doesn't want to do this.  That is why Rishikesh also follows Kiran.

 and reaches Malaysia and is very happy to see Marisha with him. On the other hand, Balwinder scares Rishi's father and fights on Rishi's father's head.  Dita whose Karan Rishi's father is about to faint Yes, friends, Malaysia wants no one to know about my bare plan, so her mother will .

pretend to be Rishi's date in danger to save Karan.  You guys will now show Balwinder calling Rishi's father.  You will say to Logon and Rishi that your father is with me like Sankar Rishi will be very worried and Neelam will also know about this world travel.  Why am I not in Vala?

 Rishi will tell his mother naked about his father's kidnapping. Neelam will be very angry. Neelam will feel that all this is done by Lakshmi because Lakshmi is the one who wants to reach the number of our family.  But it is going to be blamed because now even Karishma is not.



to forgive Lakshmi because of Lakshmi's voice Aayush has turned against his mother and it is difficult for Aayush to ask anything from his mother too, I will never back down from what I have to do.  Ki Lakshmi is my sister-in-law.

 and I can do anything for my sister-in-law because Ki Lakshmi has done so much for me till date and I don't want to see you.  Yes, friends, Ayush's mother's heart is going to burst after listening to Ayush's words.

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