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  Lakshmi says that as long as I am in heaven, Malishka will not always meet Balvendra and talk to me. Where did Balvendra know, why Lakshmi.  She calls Balwinder and she asks Balwinder that Malishka says that Malishka is also present there. When Malishka finds out that Balkshi's phone was passed, Malishka.

 realizes that it is not Lakshmi, Balwinder must have kidnapped me.  Milkar Lakshmi says that I knew that Lakshmi is the only one who can do all this with me, when Lakshmi is not the target.  One nahi kya hota to Balwinder Malishka says to Balwinder you give me two.

 days time I will give you money and now you are a thief Balwinder says no I am not called Balwinder now I don't think you will give me money  Malishka says I am leaving you, I will give you money for two days. Balvinder agrees with Malishka.  She reaches home and all the family members are very happy to see.

 Malishka. Malishka's heart is also happy.  You guys don't know if I was in music. Somebody kidnapped me and I know that he kidnapped me. Maleshka says I am not used anymore. Chowrangi Maleshke's men say to Maleshka that  What

are you saying?  Ya Tha Malishka says I am telling the truth, Lakshmi didn't do all this.

 with me. All the family members are very surprised. All the family members say Malishka, why didn't you say, why can't Lakshmi stay home all day?  But Malishka says this is the matter, Lakshmi was at home by herself, but she works with others.  Malishka starts saying such things to all the family members. All.

the family members agree on Malishka's words. Lakshmi starts crying. Lakshmi says that I am not all this. Lakshmi says that Malishka is lying.  Blaming me, Lakshmi says why don't you people do my words individually, it won't be for Malish, but Rishi is one, Rishi goes, I know Lakshmi can't do that, no Lakshmi.

 should do it or not do it to me.  Lakshmi is more powerful than herself. Rishi says that I know Lakshmi, why can't I bring her? She can't even think about it.  When Malishka gets angry, Malishka says that it is Rishi who always saves Lakshmi.  Says that I always fail in my intentions

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