Bhagya Lakshmi Today 21 November full episode online HD


Bhagilakshmi will be seen in Zee TV, Lakshmi will be seen teasing Lakshmi Malaysia.  Don't have to see this day, yes, friends, Lakshmi is very worried when she hears this from the upper family members.  Still no one listens to Lakshmi and Lakshmi is believed to be the

doshi and on the other hand Virender has reached.

 Malaysia by following Kiran.  On seeing Virinder's father, he hits him on the head due to which Rishi's father faints. Why is Balvinder doing all this on Malaysia's request?  wali hoti hai isliye Balvinder Chahta Hai Ki hamare kam ka Kisi Ko Pata Na Chale and Malaysia Lakshmi ko Jahar Pachane Mein Kamyab Ho.

 Sake Lekin Ab Malaysia Bhi Bahut Pareshan Hogi Mok Kiran Lai will tell us bad and tell Malaysia Lakshmi to avoid going to jail.  It's like Sankar Malaysia will show you reacting even more angrily.  Sab Lakshmi Ne Kiya Hai Isliye Rashi Lakshmi ko Ka  hta Hai Mujhe Tum.

 Sach Batao Akhri yah Sab Ho Kya Rahak Raha ki Barashi ki Rahi ki Rashi nothing like this has been done to me I don't know why Malaysia is doing all this Han man I will cheat Malaysia I will make you all think that I  What is abduction nothing like this friends Sri Banu and Lakshmi's.

 sister and cares for Lakshmi a lot and is saying to her sister Shalu I wish we can help our suffering because Lakshmi helps us every time.  And you want to help us too, friends. Tab Shalu says you don't have to worry, Aayush is with Lakshmi too, Aayush won't happen to Lakshmi, you.

don't have the courage to worry about her and you belong to my father's paradise.  Saath has helped Lakshmi Aayush and Rishi's father Hamisha is with Lakshmi as long as Rishi and Aayush are with Lakshmi then Lakshmi has nothing to do difficult yes friends with whomever become.

 Sankar very happy happy Hamin Contact Lakshmi  Do you want to do why I have to talk about my friend Shalo will be seen calling her sister Lakshmi you logon to Lakshmi salon.  The call is ignored as Lakshmi is Ree and Rishi is convinced that she has not done anything like this.

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