Bhagya Lakshmi Today 12 Jan full episode online HD

In serial Bhagya Lakshmi TV, you will see that Lakshmi has left the house with Rishi, Jeehan Doston, Lakshmi will now be seen misting Malaysia from all sides.  Yes, friends, Rishi will also be seen supporting Lakshmi in Asme. You will see the Obera Parivar coming with Virendra

Karan from the world tour.  picha Karte.

 Karte Kiran Tak Pahunch Jaate Hain Ji han Doston Kiran Rishi tells Malaysia to hide after seeing his father because Kiran asks Rishi's father to kidnap him I think it's nice not to tell anything like that  .  It happens, yes, friends, the one who knows about Lakshmi, why is Lakshmi going to take the reality of Malaysia with.

 everyone, because now Lakshi is not alone, she is in love with him and Aayush is also with his sister-in-law.  You people who don't like Sonia at all, why does Sonia always quarrel with Aayush, why is Aayush always on his sister-in-law's site?  Aayush's mother will also be hurt because she doesn't pass Lakshmi because she loves.

 Malaysia and she always wants to write to Malaysia.  She supports the truth. As soon as Neelam finds out that Malaysia has kidnapped herself, Tab Prashant will be seen ending her relationship with Karan.  The Obera family who hates Lakshmi will also get away from Lakshmi, but very soon Balwindar is also coming with.

 everyone.  Why is Balwinder doing all this with Malaysia, Malaysia is giving money to Balwinder to do all this, you guys are now asking Lakshmi Balwinder for a lot of money.  Sukta Hai Lakshmi's deal scripting Dekha Dega Balwinder Ji Haan Doston Balwinder will tell the reality of Malaysia to Parivar Valu and you guys.

will see very soon when the reality of Malaysia emerges with the Parivar people will be married with marriage marriage dikhai degi aap Logon  Ko Kyunki Malaysia yah sab Rishi ko pane ke liye kar rahi hoti hai lekin ab rishi bhi Malaysia Se Nafrat Karta Hua dikhai Dega aap Logon Ko

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