Bhagya Lakshmi Today 22 th November full episode online HD

 In drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Maleshka wants to remove Rishi and Lakshmi Doon.  Hello I have to do something. Malishka says I have to get rid of these two. Everyone in the family goes to Lakshmi Rishi and everyone in the family goes to a wedding. They don't take Malishka with them.  Stay with Maan, you should take care of my heart. Malishka.

 stops at home on Rishi's request. Malishka is very angry.  Malishka says that even then Rishi didn't take me with him, Malishka has been a very bad person.  Malishka says that why should I know where his daughter-in-law Lakshmi has gone to find out about him?  I won't take care of them either, I have a lot of work to do, then some guests go to the house, Rishi's Maan.

 gets very depressed.  .  Who will make the food? Even then she calls Rishi's man Malishka and she eats Malishka.  If you are at home, then you should cook this Sankar Maleshka even more.  Himisha says hello to Rishi. Malishka says who will I cook now? Malishka says I can't even call it good. Malishka says I don't even know how to work in the kitchen.  Gee.

 malishka sochne lag Jaati Hai Malishka Kahati Hai Ky Aap Aakhir Mujhe Kya Karna Chahie Malishka goes to the kitchen, Malishka is thinking, still an ID comes in Malishka's mind, Malishka eats, there is no home, I have no one.  After ordering this food from Bihar, Malishka says that no one will know, even then Malishka secretly orders the food from Bihar, she eats the food and she takes Malishka's.

 food.  Rishi's Man goes to know that Malishka has not made this food at home with his own hands. When the guests eat that food, they like it very much. Rush Mein Ki Man also likes to say

that  Malishka's method starts to be explained. Malishka is very happy after listening to her method. Rishi's husband is also very happy with Malishka's work.  Yashka says.

 that finally hello, the guests leave, then Rishi's mood worsens, everyone goes back home from the wedding and when Rishi sees what his mood is, he is very upset.  Lakshmi is also there. They say that how can their health be so bad? What happened to them? Maleshka says that I don't know what happened. I had eaten food.  Where did Rishi's mind come.

 from? She says that some guests came and I asked Malishka to prepare food.  What do you mean by saying that I had mixed something? Malishka says that when I used to make food, I made it, I was taking care of you, but still you are living all this in my mind.  She says that I didn't mean that, I was just telling that my health got worse because of eating food.  She says.

 you made it yourself. She says wow, I made it with my own hands. She says Han, I believe I don’t know how to say it so well, but I made it anyway I wanted. Lakshmi says it’s okay.  I don't mind.  I come dressed in a suit, drinking a suit will make your health a little better. Lakshmi goes to the kitchen to make soup, then Lakshmi.

 sees some marks on the vehicle, which have the name of a hotel, and Lakshmi disappears.  Me Malishka did not order that food from Bihar. Lakshmi goes to Malishka. She says to Malishka that you are lying, you did not make that 

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