Bhagya Lakshmi Today 24 Nov full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Malishka wants to remove Rishi both Malishka says Rishi Sarf Mera Hai and I can get Rishi.  Malishka says I will be successful in my goal. Malishka says whenever I try to do something with Lakshmi, always Lakshmi girl shows my happiness.  Maleshka says that now I won't do anything with Lakshmi.  Now.

 I will kill Lakshmi with my own hand and I will use it for Himisha forever.  Now I can't see both of me together. Maleshka says now I have to do something. Maleshka says that I am very angry now.  Malishka says that I love Rishi so much that it is difficult for me to give my life for Rishi, but.

 I am waiting for Rishi. Malishka says that I will marry Rishi only.  Malishka doesn't understand anything. Malishka says I will see Lakshmi tonight. I will do the work myself. Malishka says that now I will be successful in my intentions.  Rahungi, even then it is night, all the family members are sleeping in their work, Lakshmi.

 is also in her room.  Malishka is making plans. Malishka says what am I doing today. Even then Malishka goes to Lakshmi's room at night. Malishka is rude to belittle Lakshmi.  Even if Lakshmi doesn't know that it's me, Maleshka goes ahead with her Puri plan of wanting to meet.

 me after killing Lakshmi.  It happens that Malishka is very angry.  The door of Lakshmi's

room is open. Malishka's man says that since today I have been watching Lakshmi. What is she doing? Malishka's man says that Lakshmi is always trying to do something.  Malishka's maan.

 says I have to go and see what she is doing so late at night. Even then Malishka's man goes to Lakshmi's room.  She is very upset after seeing everything that Malishka is trying to do. Malishka's heart is upset as to who is the one who is trying to kill Lakshmi. Queen complains about Malishka's man.  What is.

 Maalishka doing, Maan says she is completely mad, it is Malik's attempt to kill Lakshmi, I have to stop doing all this, Maalishka.  She asks who should I do all this with. Malishka's man says who should I stop now. Even then she goes to Lakshmi's room after asking Malishka and takes Malik to Malishka's room. Malishka's.

 man.  gets teeth she eats Malishka are you mad what are you doing are you trying to kill Lakshmi hokey to Malishka's man if you see Rishi doing all this you yourself  Think if Rishi is ever yours, know if Rishi ever marries you, Malishka's Min says why don't you think before doing all this, think you are never.  Today, if Rishi is not watching them, he is forever, he leaves.

 the house too. Malishka starts crying. Malishka says what else should I do?  I can kill anyone to get. Malishka says you have to tell me yourself what I didn’t do to get Lakshmi away from Rishi but Tab also I can’t keep these two away now what should I do.  What should I do to tell you? Malishka says I can't bear it 

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