Bhagya Lakshmi Today 26 November full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ki Maleshka wants to remove Rishi and Lakshmi Don.  Rehne Dingi Maleshka says these two can never be happy without me. Rishi's grandmother goes to Lakshmi's room and tells Lakshmi that I want because of you.  So what do you have to do now you tell me I will do it now and ISI says to Rishi's grandmother.

 Lakshmi that some of my guests have been one since yesterday you are writing them.  So very good and special food. Grandmother says that anyway you cook very good food, so tomorrow you will say that you are waiting for them very well. Grandmother says ai ki tumne yah kam bahut ache se hi.  karna hai dadi kahati hai ki mujhe yakin hai ki.

 tum yah kam kar logi isliye main yah kam tumhen hi de rahi hun Dadi Kahati Hai Ki Tumse koi Bhi Galti Nahi dhire yi Kahi honi is special guest.  I won't give you any chance of hunting and I won't do any harm.  She says this is the real opportunity to teach Lakshmi how to do it. Maleshka says I don't know this opportunity. Maleshka.

 tells me no.  It is the turn of hope that Dadi has given this job to Lakshmi, now we have to see who will I trust Lakshmi with Dadi. Malishka is planning.  Malishka gets an idea and gives Lakshmi's number to someone. Malishka says she has to call Laxmi and you have to try to scare her.  Malishka is planning to send Lakshmi away from home for spring.  Even then the.

 phone goes to Lakshmi. She attends tomorrow and he is trying to scare Lakshmi. He says to Lakshmi that I know everything about your naked body.  If you can save your Rishi then save me otherwise I will kill your Rishi right now and ISI time This Sankar Lakshmi gets very worried Lakshmi gets very scared Lakshmi leaves the house in a hurry Lakshmi tells someone in the house.  Lakshmi doesn't tell anything. Lakshmi goes quietly. Lakshmi.

 says that if you tell

the family in the fire, they will be very worried. Lakshmi says that's why I don't tell the family.  Malishka is very happy. Malishka says now you see what I am doing with you. Lakshmi, when she goes there, there is no one there, not even Rishi.  A goon is a jata and he tries to harass Lakshmi and he takes Lakshmi as his prisoner, he kidnaps Lakshmi because to do all this, Malshakha.

 is related to the queen.  You don't do your full work, you use to keep Lakshmi with you so that goon keeps Lakshmi with you all the family members are waiting for Lakshmi the guests also go n Grandma is very worried Grandma says  She says that she doesn't know where Lakshmi has gone and she won't even tell us anything. Grandma says that now Lakshmi won't be at home, so who will say. Grandma.

 is very worried. What should I do? Grandma tries to call Lakshmi.  Lakshmi's phone is ringing, the goon also rings Lakshmi's phone. Just then, Mallishka goes there. Mallishka says to Dadi, "Dakhin aap tha, Lakshmi could not have done this work if Lakshmi did not do this work."  Then Lakshmi would have told you earlier that Maleshka is turning Dadi against Lakshmi.  Malishka says what should I do, I don't know how to make such good food. Grandmother has a hard way on Lakshmi. 

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