Bhagya Lakshmi Today 27 November full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya, it happened that Maleshka wants to get Rishi and Laxmi Don away. Maleshka says that she wants to marry Rishi.  She says that I will stay away from both of them. Maleshka starts thinking.  He brings a sari for Rishi He brings a gift for Lakshmi Rishi loves Lakshmi very much so he brings this gift for Lakshmi He gives a sari.

 to Lakshmi and it is Lakshmi's favorite color and Lakshmi's favorite color  It happens and everyone in the family also likes it very much. All the family members are very happy to see it. Even then Malishka is also there. Malishka can't bear all this.  Kamre Me Chali Jati Hai Jab Malishka Apne Kamre Me Jaati Hai Aur Vah Rone lag Jaati Hai Malishka Kahati hai Ky Yah Nahin Ho Sakta Malishka Kahati Hai Ki Maon Jitna Dinko Dinko Hain.

 they go so much don pass ae Malishka says I think  That now Rishi will never be mine, that I don't think I can get Rishi now, Malishka says, what do you want me to do now, Malishka cries and says, why does this always happen to me?  Malesh says whenever I try to do something with Lakshmi, always Lakshmi escapes and Himesh.  Malishka says that now I will show Lakshmi what I can.

 do.  I don't see. Malishka says I will bring her all. Lakshmi is working in the kitchen. Everyone in the house is busy with their own work. Rishi has also gone to the office.  At that time, Malishka secretly goes to Lakshmi's room and takes Lakshmi's saree, which Rishi brought her.  Tomorrow we have to go and you are the first one I gave you Lakshmi says ki thik

hai I will see what you like Lakshmi is happy.

 Lakshmi is happy I will go together Lakshmi says ki main thora time kya  Tara passes with Rishi, Malishka says to see now when Lakshmi will not see all of her, then who will Rishi be angry with Lakshmi when Lakshmi leaves the plane?  Lakshmi looks like me. She tries to hide everything. Lakshmi doesn't get it. Lakshmi gets very worried.  Lakshmi says that I will tell Rishi in the fire that I am not getting.

 all of her. How sad will Rishi be. Lakshmi says that she brought it with love.  Lakshmi says that now I see something else. Lakshmi gets ready. When Lakshmi gets ready, she comes well. Rishi is very surprised to see Lakshmi's star.  Why didn't you see the whole thing that Rishi brought for you? The Rishis also say that it is Lakshmi. Why don't you see that whole thing? When Lakshmi gets very upset, Malishka.

 says to all the family that you have seen Rishi with so much love.  It was arranged for Lakshmi. Lakshmi did not even see it. Maleshka tells all the family members that Lakshmi did not write to Rishi at all because of this.  You don't realize that Malishka is making Lakshmi the caliphate of all the family members. Rishi.

 is very angry. All the family members also fall in love with Lakshmi.  She is very happy seeing everything as Malishka gets whatever she wants. Lakshmi is crying a lot. Lakshmi says where did all this go? Lakshmi says it's about me. She tries to talk to Rishi.  Rishi is not even ready to listen to Lakshmi

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