Bhagya Lakshmi Jan 21 full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Malishka Himisha tries to get Lakshmi and Rishi away and she always fails in her efforts yet still Malishka gets Rishi in Malishka Me Malishka Meri Shaadi Hoagie Se Surf To Rishi, Maleshka takes the help of Himisha Balvinder.

 to separate Rishi and Lakshmi. Maleshka calls Balvendra for the umpteenth time and tells Balvendra that Lakshmi is pregnant and tells Balvinder to come. Sakta Balvinder Kahta Hai Ki Pachhle Bar Bhi Mujhe Rishi Ne Bahut Mara Tha Rishi Malishka ko Kahta Hai Ki.

 Main Hamesha hi Tumhari vajah Se Mar Khata Balvinder Kahta Hai Ki is Bar Main Yah kar sakta Balwinder Kehta Hai Ki Tumhari vajah se main Hamesha Musibat Mein A Jata hun Aur Tum Hamesha Bach Jaati Ho Balvinder Kahta Hai Ki Tum Yah Sab Khh sirf Rashi Tak Pahunchne ke Liye Karti Ho Aaj Tak Mujhe.

 Nahika Haya Kai you are mad, Maleshka says that is your fida look now you have Lakshmi. Come and tell lies to almost everyone in the family, then everyone in the family will throw Lakshmi out of the house, then you owe Lakshmi your business, it is your benefit. Balvinder says that if Rishi doesn't want to.

 love me, I will take your name and I will tell all the family members that it is not you, Malishka told me to come here. She says ok, I will save you, but Malishka says Do you also work carefully with APNI, be careful that Rishi can't cook you, you should do this very wisely. Balwinder comes home. Big use tells Valon that the.

 child in Lakshmi's stomach is mine. All the family members are shocked. All the family members say what are you talking about. Balvendra says now Lakshmi is staying with me till my child is born. Lakshmi starts crying. Lakshmi says no, this is a lie. Why do you want to spoil my life, why don't you chase me, Balwinder says what are you saying, I don't want to leave.

you until my child is educated. No, she is lying, I don't know why she is saying all this. Lakshmi says this child is not hers, it is the matter that it is the matter. If someone agrees with me or not, you agree with me. I am telling the truth. This child is yours. Even then, Maleshka says. Yes, this child is Rishi's. Lakshmi starts.

 to cry. Rishi says that someone should do my talking or not, you should do my talking. And they will not agree on things, you don't know how many lies we have told. You will be successful in your plan at the bar. Rishi's man Rishi says that now and ISI time, if ISI leaves the house, then Rishi also accepts Lakshmi's.

 words as true. Rishi kicks Lakshmi out of the house, Malishka succeeds in her plan, finally Malishka leaves Lakshmi's house, Malishka is very happy, Malishka is no longer a problem. ke hai rahungi now nothing can stop me from getting Rishi and makes him very happy

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