Bhagya Lakshmi today jan 25 full episode hd

 Shalo Ne Kya Pradafash Malaysia Jee Haan Doston Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV upcoming episode is going to be very interesting in the upcoming episode you guys will see when Neelam finds out Lakshmi is cheating.

 on us Cheating on us  Is it not good for us? You didn't want to do this to us. You are a paradise. You can read it with the sound of every single mistake. Our daughter Rishi's life is in danger.  I have.

 put you in Khatre, so you have no right to stay in the house, because we took you to protect our son, when you are becoming a Khatre for him, then we have to keep you in the house, there is no.

 question.  han doston dusri taraf se Aayush apni Mami Kohta Hai Tumhen galatfahmi Ho Rahi hai Lakshmi can never do this someone has provoked you yes friends from further Neelam says to.

 Aayush I am nobody who will provoke me and I  Our talk is Maan Longi Lakshmi ni Gulti, so she could have told me but what is wrong by hiding it from me, Lakshmi should not have done.

 that nor to write.  Rishi's father likes Neelam and Rishi's father says to Neelam that if you say good things to her, she can say a lot to you in return. Why is there no respect, Neelam says.  If you say anything to Lakshmi, no one will be.

upset with

me. Yes, friends, on the other hand, Rishi is also about to return home, because Rishi gets a call from the office. Rishi's house has such a big office event, but Rishi's departure is bad.  Lakshmi goes to the pad alone, which.

 is picked up by Malaysia. Malaysia is very happy to implicate Lakshmi in her plan. As soon as Rishi returns from the office, Tab.  He says to the family members, what did you say that this is Lakshmi's condition?

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