Bhagya Lakshmi Today 4 November full episode hd

Bhagya Lakshmi Today 4 November full episode online . Zee TV

 You guys are going to see a huge twist in the story of Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV Jee Haan Doost In the upcoming episode you guys will see when the most logs are pointing fingers at Lakshmi.

 when writing first.  .  Even then Rishi is supporting Lakshmi and telling everyone that I trust Lakshmi a lot because Lakshmi can never do anything wrong, Lakshmi never hesitates before giving.

 her life for me.  Sankar also likes Lakshmi very well and Ayush and Shalu are also very happy from the world trip when they hear the praise of Lakshmi from Rishi's mind.  Therefore, he always.

 supports his sister-in-law Lakshmi. Yes, the friend listens to Rishi's words and scolds Karan.  If my daughter can give her life, Malaysia can also risk her life for you because Malaysia loves you.

 so much.  I can't talk to Tarika because of my family. Rishi ji han friends. Neelam also says to Rishi that son don't talk. We care about you so much because of your beauty.  Lakshmi is not good for.

 you, Rishi, when will you understand this friends Tab Rishi says to his mind, is it good?  I am very disturbed by the sound of you guys, I don't want you guys to harass Lakshmi any more, otherwise.

 we will leave this house.  You create a problem with the sound of which all the family members have to worry.  Be polite and make love to her in-laws to make Lakshmi happy. You leave no.

 stone unturned to trouble Lakshmi. It's a good thing about her that she keeps quiet and listens to everything you say. She doesn't answer every day.  When I turn around, you don't meet me.  Friends, Neelam Rishi's history is Sankar Thek, she says to father, now you will fight with us for the girl.

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