Bhagya Lakshmi Today Mar 18 th full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi Yeh Hawa Hai Ki Maleshka Himisha keeps trying to get rid of Rishi and Lakshmi don she says that I will get Rishi ke rahogi even he is still Rishi that I am rahogi. I will stay after marrying Rishi and Lakshmi and I will stay away from Rishi Don. Lakshmi says I have some work and it will.

 take me some time. She says I am going to Bihar for some work. Hain ki han thik hai bar hai hai akle hai hai and Rishi is at home. Maleshka says I will spend some time with Rishi. What is the end of the wajah then Malishka says the wajah is whatever it is, it is not very good for me that it is going today and it.

 is going to steal Rishi's house. Rishi is taking Lakshmi's name in Nand too. Sankar Maleshka is very angry with Lakshmi's name. Maleshka says that it is taking Lakshmi's name in Nand too. I don't know what is it about Lakshmi that it is. He remembers Lakshmi all the time. Rishi's eyes open. When Rishi.

 sees, Maleshka is there. Maleshka passes by Rishi. Loves, she can do anything for me, Maleshka says where are you right, she loves you so much, so I love you so much, because she loves you so much, so she loves me so much, too. Malishka says to Rishi that I am not your man, so she has to.

 say that I am not your man, she will marry me to you. He goes and says to his man, what should you say to Malishka, you will marry me to Malishka. Karunga Na Aaj Aur Na Kl Rishi apni Man Ko Kahta Hai It Cho ki Bani Han ki I can't be without Lakshmi I will die without Lakshmi My happiness is in Lakshmi He says to his mind.

 that you are my son. Happiness is not dear. You wish that I am not happy. John Rishi says to your mind, If you want to see me happy, take this thought from your heart. Let me marry Malishka, I will never marry Malishka. Malishka goes there per se. Are you saying that you will marry me? Did I wait so much for you after.

seeing you? I am waiting so much and you are saying that you will not marry me. Malishka says that you will have to marry me. Rishi

says never, I will never marry you. She says that you used to tell me that you will get me married to Rishi, so what is all this? She says to Rishi's man, Malishka, that you too became jealous. Even.

 though I talked to Rishi myself, Rishi used to talk to me, now you have talked to Rishi himself, now he is so angry, someone says that now I can't do anything else, now I will help you. No, I can't. Now I think that the rest of Rishi will never marry you. You have talked to Rishi yourself. Hai says no, I won't agree with everyone. Maleshka says I will stay by getting my wife. Maleshka says I will keep Lakshmi away from Rishi.

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