Kumkum Bhagya 13 Jan full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ke Hai, Rhea Himisha wants to get rid of Prachi and Ranveer Don.  Riya says that I will be successful in my goal. Riya says that I will never accept anyone. Riya says that now you have to see what I do with Prachi.  Riya is going to leave home by herself. Riya misses some work. Riya leaves home to do some

work. Riya.

 is driving very fast. Riya is very worried. Someone has an accident.  Riya causes an accident to a girl. Now the girl has lost a lot of blood. Riya is used to see the child. She gets very upset and Riya gets very worried that if someone sees her, she will be killed.  They will send me to jail. Riya says now I have to do something. Even.

 then use Riya. She takes the girl outside to the hospital. Riya calls the family.  Hain ki Kya Tumhen Gari Chalane doesn't come, you could sing comfortably, look, today your voice has become 12 Nixon, all the family members are very worried.  They lay down and go to the hospital. They.

 say that if something happens to our daughter today, we will not forgive you guys. We will send all of you to jail. Everyone is very upset. Everyone says that if their daughter  If something happens, I don't know what they will do to us. Our family will become infamous. Everyone says that all this is happening.

 because of Riya's voice.  Chika Hai i Zaroorat Hai Sab log Apna Apna Khoon Test Kar Dete Hain Prachi Ka phone use Bacchi Se Match Ho Raha Hota Hai Tabhi Riya prachi ke pass Aati Hai Riya prachi Ke Samne Rone lag Jaati Hai Riya says to Prachi that you do to me  Take my baby today, if something happens to.

 my baby today, then these logs will send me to jail. Riya starts crying in Prachi's bed.  First I have to teach Riya Subak. Prachu says I have to tell her what is the pain, what is the pain. Prachi says I am joking. Prachi says this.  He thinks, Prachi says that Riya is always giving trouble to people, today when she herself will be in.

 trouble, she will be in trouble, then she will know what the trouble is, even then Prachi doesn't tell Riya.  You will do something, I can't give her blood. This Sankar Riya gets more worried. Riya starts crying. Riya says I know that I have to do.

 a lot with you, I have tried so much that is in you galat Kiya Hai Riya.  She says please forgive me. Riya says help me today and get me a child. Prachi says no, have you ever married me.  Riya says now I will never do as you say, I will do the same, you will never see the number, you don't 

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