Kumkum Bhagya today 13 November full episode hd

 Drama Serial Kumkum Bhagya Me Yeh Hua Hai K Rhea Hamisha wants to get Ranveer Rhea is still waiting for Ranveer Rhea says I won't marry Ranveer to anyone else Rhea has to say this to Prachi  Riya says I will always fail in my plan. Riya says that whenever I see Prachi, I have to do something.  She goes why is Ranveer with Prachi, Riya is thinking, Riya.

 says what should I do, even then Siddharth comes to Riya's room and says to Riya what happened, I love you, I am worried about you.  Siddharth says I know why you are worried, you want to get Ranveer but you can't. Siddharth says you always fail in your intentions.  But you can't do that. Siddharth says you can never get Ranveer because Ranveer loves Prachi.

 so much.  .  love you can never separate un don this sinker misses Riya a lot.  Siddharth says that I don't need you too, I don't have enough time to stop you from telling me your idle nonsense. Siddharth thinks why don't I do something now?  He says always Aaliya and Riya Don Milker keep giving Prachi numbers. Siddharth.

 says I have to do something to teach them Subak. Siddharth says Arya has to teach Subak.  Siddharth begins to think about what was kidnapped and how I was humiliated.  He says that Siddharth starts thinking about how to teach these two, even then an idea comes in Siddharth's mind. Siddharth goes to his room and he fails everything.  planning he says to dadi you have to help me.

 dadi goes to me dadi says you are watching Aaliya and Riya Don Hamisha keep troubling Prachi we also want them to help Dadi Siddharth  Siddharth gets ready for Kamre Saman Saman fails to disappear from there still Dadi goes to Pallavi she tells Pallavi that Siddharth is not in his work ur Uske Kamre Mein Saman faila para hai Dadi Pallavi ko Kahati.

  Hai Ki Mujhe To Lagta Hai Ki Sadharth Ko Kisi Ne Kidnap Kar Lia hai Pallavi Bahut Pareshan Ho Jaati Hai Pallavi Kahati hai That is what you are saying.  Aaliya also goes to Siddharth's room, Siddharth is in a hurry to see Saman. She gets depressed seeing Saman. Aaliya says who kidnapped Siddharth.  Maybe even then.

 Alia gets a call from a wrong number. He asks to meet Alia.  I have something I want to see you it is for your words Aaliya is sour ki thek hai tell me the place I will come for Milan by car Aaliya gets ready to go Dharth has this plan.  Siddharth is talking to meet Aaliya. Siddharth gives his mobile to someone and he says that.

 when they come to meet me, you have to make full pix.  Alia is tied up and says to Siddharth that who has kidnapped you, then a man there makes a picture of Alia and Siddharth Donon.  Lee's plan is ki pics Siddharth says I will take pictures of Tara Alia  Siddharth says I will take pictures of Aaliya and show these 

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