Kumkum Bhagya today 14 November full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ke Riya Himisha tries to get Prachi and Ranveer away. It turns upside down, Riya says every time I tried to get Prachi's number, Himisha Prachi gets saved because Ranveer is with Prachi, Ranveer Himisha saves Prachi. I can't see them together, I don't like to see them happy. Riya starts crying. Riya is very angry. Riya.

 is going crazy. Aaliya says I didn't expect this from you. Aaliya says to Riya that you have courage, you will work in your plan and whatever you try to do. You are going to do that, you are just going to get Ranveer, I am telling you, this Sankar gets angry with Riya even more. I talk like this, you.

 give me hope, I always tell you to me that you write only to remove the two of me. Ha ha ha he is always upside down. I couldn't separate you from Don. You never gave me any happiness. Riya says to Aaliya that now I don't agree with anything you say. Whatever you are trying to.

 do, just let me do it and watch you quietly. Don't expect from me that I will save you, even now I will not support you when you are not ready to listen to me. Gee ki haan thik hai I don't need you go Ranveer comes to his man Pallavi he says riya nee is trying to end my child Riya nee to.

 end my happiness tells you that you Saying to Riya, "Until I want to be saved, I don't go to the world, don't stay in this house, because I know that Riya will try to do something again. Riya will see the sign to Prachi." That I don't want my child and Prachi to have any difficulty, then.

 says to my mind that you tell Riya now and ISI time to leave home and not go to the world till my child is born. Wow, she will not come home. He says to his mind that if you can't do all this, you can't send Riya, it doesn't matter, I will take Prachi myself and leave here. Pallavi says we can never think of you. So ok, I will talk to Riya.

 and I will be accepted and Riya will go from here. Pallavi says there is no need for you to go. Pallavi says to Riya that you tried to kill Prachi's child, you did a lot of wrong by doing all this. I always forgive you, I always forgive your mistakes, but you have ruined my son Ranveer's happiness, it is not difficult for me, hein Sakti Pallavi.

 says I have decided till Prachi's child. I am not in this world but I am going to leave home. Pallavi says it is time for you and ISI to leave home. It is my decision. Riya starts crying. Riya says. Yes, no you can't do all this, I won't try to get Prachi's number, I won't even look around Prachi. Pallavi can't talk to maid. Pallavi says you.

 have to leave home. Pallavi doesn't listen to Riya's talk. Pallavi just says that it's time for ISI. She left home. Jao Fa Pallavi goes to hide, this Sankar Riya starts crying profusely. Riya says no, I can't leave home. Riya says my work is not done yet. Diya says I won't leave without Don. I will keep getting Ranveer. Riya says I won't give in so easily. Riya says I have to go to Prachi now and ISI time. Riya says I have to cry with Prachi. Maybe Prachi will go to me and won't let me leave the house. Riya says that 

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