Kumkum Bhagya today 15 th November full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali wants to remove Himisha Karan and Preeta Don. Anjali says I can't see them together. Anjali says now I have to do this very soon. Anjali says now me and Bardashti says no. For work I am at home I am She will do work I was at home to get Karan I was and I will stay to get Karan Preeta's birthday is coming.

 Karan knows Karan says Karan says if I will make Preeta's birthday a special birthday, I will plan a surprise for Preeta. After all this, all the family members become very happy, all the family members say that you have thought well. Yes, we will celebrate Preeta's birthday very well and we will surprise Preeta. Everyone.

 in the family is very happy. This sinker has been very annoying for Anjali. Dina Dungi Anjali says I have to do something. Anjali says all the family members who are happy, I have to end their happiness. Anjali says. Anjali says that I will not give happiness to everyone before that, I will never be happy. Anjali says that Preeta can't be.

 happy by taking my happiness from me. Anjali says that I will never make Preeta happy. Anjali starts thinking. What should I do, what should I do that will end Preeta's birthday? Then Karan goes there. Karan brings a dress for Preeta. dressed up. Anjali is watching something, she can't bear all this. Anjali says I won't let this.

 dress reach Preeta. Anjali is upset that I have to do something. Anjali says I will have to love you. Karan goes to the room. He puts the dress in the room, since Preeta is not in the room, Karan leaves, keeping the dress in the room, Anjali goes behind Karan, and Anjali picks up the dress. Anjali comes with a dress, she picks.

 up the dress and hides it, and the color Karan doesn't like, Anjali puts the dress in Preeta's room. When Preeta comes to the room, she sees the dress there. Preeta sees this dress and says Kiran must have brought this dress for me. Preeta says this is not Karan's favorite color. Karan doesn't even like this color. He must have brought it for me. Preeta is sour. K has.

 brought Karan, so now I have to wear this dress. Anjali hides the dress she brought. Anjali says when Karan will see Preeta in a dress, Karan will be delighted, Karan will say to Preeta that I gave you a dress, why don't you see her, why you haven't seen anyone of your choice. Anjali says seeing all this will make me sad. Anjali.

 says Preeta's birthday will also be ruined. Preeta comes wearing that dress when Karan sees Preeta. Karan starts thinking and says why is Preeta surprised to see this dress, where is the dress I gave her? Karan says it doesn't matter. Karan starts complimenting Preeta and.

 says that you are looking very cute. You look very cute in all colors. Anjali is very angry. Anjali says it is very difficult to separate these two. Anjali says these two love a world so much, it is difficult to separate these two. What can I do to separate these two? Everyone in the house 

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