Kumkum Bhagya today 14 jan full episode hd

 The story of Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV has become quite interesting in which you are going to see Logon, Rhea says to Aaliya that you go to the hospital and get my report from Dr. Madhu why I don't want my report to go to Prachi with me.  .  Kool should go with the family, so you do my work. Yes, friends, Aaliya will see you.

 going to the police station.  Main Koli House Le Ja Sakun Lekin Riya Kafi shatir Hoti hai use Sahana's nakedness Riya finds out that Suhana is making her think so she changes her way which is Suhana's voice will show you guys and  Prachi and Ranveer also started to.

 understand each other well after traveling around the world. Why does Prachi now want her own place?  It feels good and I have to say to Prachi why are you telling me all this now you are getting married to Siddharth now I don't know any of these things.  You are saying.

 all this to keep my heart. I love you and always will because I wanted you from my heart and I want you all the time.  She says look later, what is happening, are you doing this in some conversation, are you forgetting that Prachi is going to be Siddharth's now, because they love a world so much that Sankar is in.

 Ranveer's mood.  Closed.  Ko Kyunki Pallavi hates Prachi and Pallavi thinks Prachi wants to get her thin from our Parivar Valva but nothing happens Prachi respects Pallavi so she keeps quiet with Pallavi and Pallavi has no answer.  Diti and leaves from there Ranveer also goes after Prachi where the friend is in the story.

 Meghna will be seen returning Kohli home very soon why you guys because now Meghna is the first thing.  Why Siddharth has made Pallavi against Prachi on the request of Riya and Aaliya, now Siddharth will tell Pallavi that Prachi.

 and I have no misunderstanding and very soon Pallavi sees Prachi and reads you logon and  You guys will see very soon Vikram will also be very happy when Pallavi asks Ranchi as his daughter-in-law

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