Kumkum Bhagya today 16 th Jan full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Rhea wants to remove Prachi and Ranveer done. Rhea says that I can stay with Ranveer and Ranveer is mine and I am not letting Ranveer do it.  From Asni, I will not let Prachi stay with Ranveer. Ranveer has to go a lot for office work. He is getting ready to leave.  So you are.

 going to bengaluru for work so you take Prachi along with you, or what will she do at home when you are not there, what will she do when you are not there, so if you take her with you, she will wander around a bit.  Tabi Pallavi says Pallavi says he is going for work, he is not going for a walk, he should take Prachi too, Prachi.

 is at home, she will stay with us, Dadi says Prachi why not Prachi.  Gee bus wai ah my decision what about ranveer if you want me to take prachi with me i am ready to take prachi with me this sinker prachi gets very happy prachi to be sent you  seems to  When Riya comes to know that.

 Prachi is also going to Bengaluru with Ranveer, Riya is very upset. Riya says that it's not my fault. Prachi can't go with Ranveer. Riya says I don't think so.  I will not let Prachi go even then Riya says last thing I want to do Riya starts thinking Riya says I will do it I also get ready to go with them Riya says talking to Han.

  Kei Main says I will go with you too. Riya goes to Ranveer. She says to Ranveer that I also want to go with you.  We will go around. She says I have to go too, I am also packing my bus. You can take me with you too. Ranveer says what is the point. If you want to go, we have to go with.

 you too. This is Sankar Riya very happy.  Riya says fine I am going with these people Riya says I will never let Prachi alone with Ranveer when Dadi comes to know Rahi Hai Dadi says I know.  Riya is going along with her because Riya won't let them go alone that's why she is trying to do all this and it's true on purpose.  I don't know, I have to do anything to stop Riya. Dadi.

says what do I want to do. Dadi is there someone, what should I do? An idea comes in Dadi's mind.  So I'm jamin per teil gira dingi when Riya uses oil per paon the dew paon will slip she will fall when the canal falls she won't be Kabul if we go and she won't be able to go with Prachi and Ranveer don Dari beard oil gara  Riya comes in front of Dadi's plane and Riya falls as a result. Riya is too small. Riya is not even.

 able to walk.  to go  Now I think only Ranveer and Prachi want to leave, still Riya is angry. Riya says I know it is Prachi, what will happen.  I don't know Prachi says what should I do now? Prachi says I can't go now. Riya says nothing.  What am I doing? Even then, Riya calls Pallavi. Riya says to Pallavi that you know who I fell for.  oil Giraya tha Pallavi 

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