Kumkum Bhagya today jan episode online HD

 In Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV, Riya has slipped. Yes, in the Dostoone Wale episode, you will see Riya goes to the hotel to see Meghna, then Suhana also reaches Meghna's hotel, thinking of Riya, where Riya does not blame

me. Yes friends, Suhana sees the use and.

 tries to inform Ranveer. Lakhna Suhana's relationship with Ranveer doesn't know. Yes friends, Prachi gets very upset after hearing Suhana's words and starts following Suhana, so Ranveer stops Prachi and says to Prachi that where are you going, I have to talk to you about something, then Prachi tells Ranveer. FIR says I don't.

 have time to tell you because I have to go to Suhana. Yes, friends, Ranveer hears Prachi's name and says to Prachi what happened to Suhana then Prachi. Ranveer tells Ranveer that I will tell you bad, let's go now. Friends, Prachi and Ranveer are going to go to the location given by Sahana and on the other hand, Pallavi is teasing Prachi, but.

 Levi is not getting it. Why does Pallavi want to talk to Prachi? But Prachan goes missing. Kohli is home. Yes, friends call Pallavi. But nothing happens Prachi says Ali says to Pallavi Prachi loved Ranveer and Kohli has left home taking Ranveer with her yes friends Vikram says to.

Aaliya shut up nothing like this will happen. why prachi is not very good wow kohli can never

go against house wallaon if we had to take ranveer when would she go because ranveer asked prachi to go with him so many times but praa. Chi used to celebrate Ranveer. Why did.

 Prachi stay in her family? Why did Prachi not want to separate Ranveer from his family? And when she sees Ranveer together, she becomes very happy. Why is Suhana doing Prachi's favor since when?

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