Kumkum Bhagya today 18 November full episode online hd


the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Riya wants to get rid of Prachi and Ranveer Don.  Can't see Don happy Riya says I have to do something Riya says I can't bear it anymore Ranveer and Prachi Don go for a walk Yes no gussa a Raha Hota Hai Riya Kahati hai that I unhen rokane  ki

bahut koshish ki mane bahut Kya UN donon ko rokane ke liye per vah nahin ruke meri koshishon ke bavjud bhi .

Main UN donon ko nahin rok Paye har riya Main kai Riya says I will keep them both away Riya eats  Ki kya tara main will never let these two stay together. Riya says that just now, it's too late, now these two have gone for a walk.  Now let's see what I will do with her.  Seeing him happy, Riya hates her even more. Riya says that now you should have been happy to.

 win, now you see what I am doing with you, now I will take away all your happiness from you in Ranveer's office.  Riya starts thinking what should I do with Prachi now? Riya says I have to bring Prachi home in front of all the family first.  She secretly orders a pizza for Prachi, the pizza is gone. When Riya has the pizza in her hand, Palvi asks who.

 ordered this pizza, then Riya tells a lie, Riya says that this pizza was ordered by Prachi and  This pizza comes in Prachi's name. Sankar is very jealous of Pallavi. Pallavi calls Prachi. She scolds Prachi.  Despite this, you ordered Baheer's food, you ordered pizza. Pallavi says you have become so careless, you don't want to stay with me.  Pallavi says I didn't expect.

 this from you. Pallavi starts telling Prachi many things. Prachi starts crying. Prachi says I didn't order this pizza. I don't know who this money is on.  Even thenRiya says Prachi don't tell lies, you are telling lies to escape, if you had a heart to eat, you would have ordered it, but don't tell lies like that, Prachi says no, I am telling lies.  I'm telling the truth, I didn't order a pizza.

 and I didn't even feel like eating it. I know what's going on now.  Karna Prachi is trying to get Sabko Yakin. Prachi is trying to talk to everyone. No one listens to her.  Riya is very happy and says I want to see you crying all the time. Riya says I will see what I do next.  So when Prachi comes home, she will go to Ranveer from.

 her room and she tells Ranveer that today Prachi had ordered pizza since Prachi knows that she doesn't want to eat pizza in her condition. Riya says Prachi.  No, everyone is worried about what Riya is doing to Ranveer against Prachi. This angers Ranveer a lot and Ranveer

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