Kumkum Bhagya today 18 Jan th full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ki Riya Himisha is busy trying to get Ranveer and Prachi away. This time Riya does something like she succeeds. Ranveer himself throws Prachi out of the house because Riya has given Pallavi the wrong medicine. Due to which his condition has worsened, Ranveer.

 says to Prachi that you are trying to take my life, so Ranveer leaves Prachi. Hearing Prachi's words, Sunat is very happy after seeing all this. Riya says that she has succeeded in her intention. Riya says that finally Prachi has left the house. Now I have to get Ranveer, Riya says I couldn't get.

 Ranveer while Prachi was in the house, but now Prachi is not in the house, so there is a chance for Ranveer to get Ranveer now. Ranveer hates Prachi and thinks that Prachi didn't give that claim, so Ranveer doesn't tell Prachi to come in the house anymore, he is telling us. Riya gets very.

 happy seeing all this. Riya says that now she will forget Prachi. She doesn't even want to hear her name. Riya says I want to know now. To reach Ranveer, Prachi says that soon Ranveer will forget Prachi, Riya says that Prachi is not there, it is with Ranveer, Riya says that Ranveer.

 is alone to take me to Ranveer. Riya says I have to be Ranveer's support now. Riya goes to Ranveer. Riya says to Ranveer that you are always cheating on Prachi. How many times have I told you that Prachi is not right for the house? Riya is talking to Ranveer in Prachi's nude. Gives, Riya says I have been waiting for you since.

 you got married to Prachi. Riya says you never talked to me lovingly. Riya says I don't do much with you. I can even give my life for you Riya says to Ranveer that I still love you as much as I did earlier Jeeton says I was waiting for you in the bus Riya says not yet to Ranveer Riya says.

that you should marry me now. Riya says that I will be very happy with you and I will also make all the family very happy. Ranveer says that I am yours to marry you. Ranveer says that I will talk to all the family members. Riya says that now you will marry my prophet and become the country of the house. Riya is dreaming.

 very naked. Ranveer says that I would get ready for marriage with Riya to make Prachi look good. All the family members get ready. Ranveer refuses to accept all the family members. Riya is very happy. Riya asks if Ranveer will be mine. Meesha was dreaming and she says.

 that today my dream will come true. At home, preparations are made for the wedding of Ranveer and Rhea. If anything happens, I won't succeed in Riya's intention. Dongi Prachi says that I won't let Ranveer be Riya's so easily. Dongi Prachi will never happen. Prachi comes to.

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