Kumkum Bhagya today 4 Jun full episode online hd


In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ke Riya wants to get rid of Prachi and Ranveer Don. Always does Sahana and goes and Sahana Riya's plan fails. Sahana doesn't succeed in Riya's intentions. Chorogi is not alone. She eats Sahana. I will always keep my eyes on Riya. Riya says that it is not. I will not let this.

 happen. Riya says that first of all, Sahana feels good. Is there nothing for me and Prachi? Riya starts thinking Riya says what to do with Sahana in the end Riya says I have to do something that will make Hana and Prachi Donon fall in front of all the family Riya starts thinking.

 that an ID comes in Demag. Riya calls a Gundon and tries to give him money. Riya tells UN Gundon everything it's not larki matlab sah ana ko kidnap karna hai wo larka paiso ki lalach mein a jata hai vah yah kam karne ke liye tayar ho jata hai vah Sahana is to be kidnapped, she is to lie down with Sahana for some.

 pictures, all of them are pictures, these two are heaven to the world. And these two love a world as Riya tells UN goons they do the same Riya is trying to convince Sahana to take a picture with dirty Riya. and they send the picture to Riya, all the family members are very disturbed.

 by Sahana's voice, even then Riya tells all the family members that we are all here for her, but she has run away with someone. Suhana is doing Khilafat. Riya says she ran away with someone. She liked someone to marry and she went with him. All family members say what are you.

 saying? You are conscious. Prachi is angry with her. Prachi says to Riya, who are you eating this? What proof do you have that this is going to happen? Riya says I knew you are not talking about me. All the family members are watching the pictures of Riya. All the family members are.

 very angry after seeing the pictures. They agree on Riya's words. Now Human is also thinking that she has run away. Prachi says no, she can't do that. I don't think Suhana will do that. Suhana can't deceive us all. Everyone in the house says to Prachi. Even after seeing the picture, you.

do not agree on one way, now you know that I believe that she has cheated on us. She says that you all agree on the matter of hypocrisy. Prachi can't do it, even then Prachi starts thinking that she has this picture or who has it, then Prachi tells Riya along with everyone that.

 you tell me where you have the picture from when all of us don't know. Where has Suhana gone, how is the picture with you and who sent this picture to you? Riya is shocked, even then Riya says that one of my friends has also gone to London, so I sent her this picture of Prachi.

 Riya. She does not agree on things and keeps crying. She stops her acting and says what do you mean, all this is happening in my mouth. She says to me in front of the whole family that your friend is the same as you are, now look, your friend has run away, she has betrayed us all, she has not even thought about our 

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