Kumkum Bhagya today 15 th full episode online HD

 Drama Serial Kumkum Bhagya Himisha wants Prachi Don away Riya says Ranveer is my surfeit and I will stay with Ranveer only Riya says Ranveer can't be with Prachi so easily Riya says something with Prachi  I am trying to do Himisha Prachi settles down and Himisha Prachi fails my plan. I have never succeeded in.

 my intentions. Riya says but it doesn't matter.  To Ine Don ko Dur karke hi Rahungi Riya Kahati Hai My purpose of staying at home is also to get Ranveer.  In which Prachi herself will go to steal this house. Riya starts thinking. Riya says what should I do in the end, it's time to come to office.  She says Ranveer.

 does a lot for me so I want to do something for him too. Prachi says about them.  Have to tell.  Riya comes to know that Prachi is cooking for Ranveer, Riya is very angry that she is making a place in people's hearts by doing just that and takes people on her way and says that she is in the bar.  Riya says that she is cooking with love, she will insult him with love.  The food.

 is ready, soon Ranveer goes alone and Prachi leaves the kitchen. Ranveer still has Riya alone in the kitchen and Riya puts a lot of chili in the food.  She goes to the kitchen and comes to the kitchen without checking Prachi.  When everyone eats we have a lot of mirchi Pallavi says to Prachi what is this so much mirchi Pallavi says to Prachi do you feel like eating bananas and you also want to do your housework.

 Pallavi never does any work.  It's always like this. Pallavi says that sometimes you want to do something by yourself. Everyone starts telling Prachi. Ranveer also starts telling Prachi again and again.  Ranveer says that now you are so careless that you don't feel like doing any work at home.  Riya doesn't understand all this. Riya is getting very happy. Riya.

 says that my last plan has succeeded. Prachi starts crying. Prachi is thinking. Prachi says how can all this happen.  Prachi says who will do all this? Prachi says no one went to the kitchen with me.  Prachi tries to talk to Ranveer. Prachi doesn't care about Ranveer. Sunt Prachi says that you are not alone with me. Prachi keeps.

saying that I am free.  .  Ranveer says that I don't listen to anything from you. Ranveer says that I have always listened to you and I have come to forgive you. Ranveer says

that now you are working at home.  Hello, Sahi doesn't do it with Tarik. Many times he tells me to write. I didn't listen to Man Ki.  .  Shouldn't I live in the house? .

 If you do, I don't care about staying at home. Prachi is very angry and Prachi leaves her packing. Riya leaves when Riya sees Prachi leaving the house and you.  Riya gets very happy, Riya says that finally my plan has succeeded. Riya says that Prachi is leaving home by herself. Riya gets very happy. Riya says that now.

 Ranveer Paul is mine.  It turns out that P. Rachi is leaving home, Pallavi goes to Prachi, Pallavi tries to understand Prachi, Pallavi says to Prachi, what are you doing, you are going to leave the house, Pallavi.  Tell me you are pregnant and now you can't leave the house. Pallavi eats.

 that now all our happiness is due to you. Pallavi is bitter that you don't leave the house. I am talking to Ranveer myself.  Do it. Prachi is not listening to Palvi's words. Prachi says no, I don't want to live in this house. You always 

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