Kumkum Bhagya today Jan 17 th full episode hd

 In Kumkum Bhagya, as you saw, Prachi says to Riya that if you report yourself, I will marry you, otherwise I will never marry you.  Also, clear Prachi's suspicion from Sahi, Riya, you should report yourself. You will not report because you are Ranveer's friend or not, but

this report will be because Prachi should.

 not be in a misunderstanding. Yes, Riya Pallavi Ki Baat Sunkar Kafi.  Pareshan Hoti Hui Dikhai Degi Aap Logon ko Aur Alia Se Kahegi Pallavi Ne Achcha Nahin Kya Mujhe Report Kah ke Alia Tum To Janti Ho Main I am not pregnant if I am reported then my truth will be shared with everyone.  You will tell people to Aaliya from.

 now on, you should keep quiet, let me think about something, because we have time now, we have no problem, we will find a solution.  bete vikram se jakar kahati hai tumhari Pallavi ne today I have not heard a single word of mine ma  Niti's Pallavi falls in love with Riya uska matlab yah nahin ki vah wah naam jee han friend.

 which will make Sankar Vikram quite weird and Vikram will say to his mother calm down I am doing something for you is heaven  Harvesting of Pallavi Gasse is fast whenever it is from Gasse and not otherwise.  She also forgets her son Ranveer. Yes, friends. Ranveer is very happy with the world.

 travel. When Prachi says to Ranveer that I am

going to be your child's husband, friend, does Ranveer also feel that what is in me is left.  He is mine so Ranveer goes to Prachi and says to Prachi you want to tell me everything why you are heaven and how much I care for you I am not all because I am one with you.  You are.

 a good friend. Prachi says to Ranveer. Some things can't be told by speaking. A person should take care of his own society.  Wanting to travel the world, Suhana also goes to Prachi's room, seeing Ranveer talking with Prachi, seeing Ranveer, she thanks Ranveer and says nothing to Ranveer.  Time per gay

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