Kumkum Bhagya today 4 th November full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ke Riya tries to get Prachi and Ranveer Don away. In the eyes of all the family members, Achi has become now, she acts like a good person, she starts to obey Prachi too, she starts doing all of Prachi's work, now she is behind.

 Prachi, acting all the time. Riya says that now I will take all my revenge from them by being good. Riya says that now I will get Ranveer from Achibun. Riya says that now I can do whatever I want with Prachi. Now Prachi won't even know. Riya goes to Prachi's room, she starts.

 talking to Prachi. She says you are pregnant, take care of yourself. There is no need to worry, whatever the task is, tell me, I will do it. Prachi gets very happy seeing Lungi Riya. Prachi says that it is very good that you have realized your mistake now. Riya starts doing all the.

 housework. I have a job at home, Riya finally becomes an object in the eyes of all the family members, everyone in the family starts to consider Riya good. Riya is right, Riya says that the medicine that Prachi is taking, I have to change the medicine for pregnancy, so much so that.

 I will not accept Prachi's claims, Riya goes to the room and Riya is changing the claim The maid is doing the change, she goes to the room and they write the change in the claim to Riya, she gets very upset seeing the maid, so Riya says to Nazarani, what are you doing here, she gets

upset. Notebandi says that I have seen you, here.

 is the decision to change the claim. What are you saying? I will tell all the housemates now and get leave from your work. Riya tells the maid that if I ask you to tell, she will use Riya and she is very angry. She will not tell anyone in the house about Riya The use is very bad and she can't tell anything to anyone in the.

 house but she says there is no such thing in AGAR that if Prachi takes the drugs, then Prachi's child can be harmed. I can't see all this happening, she says I have to go and tell Prachi that I will go to work as a maid. And she says to Prachi that I saw Riya with my own eyes changing the claim in the same way. Riya has gone. Now she realizes her mistakes. Prachi says I don't believe Riya can do such a thing. Riya.

 can't do that at all. Still, Riya goes there. Riya says I am not with you sometimes. I can’t do this, why will I kill your child? Riya says I believe Han, till today whatever I have done with you is very wrong, but now I feel my own ways, I am made to cry no matter how hard I try. Lon wants to be good in the eyes of all the family members. All the family members believe me a lot. Ria says that I am not going to.

 stay in the house now. Am I not going to stay in the house anymore? Prachi says what are you saying? Riya is not understanding you, now I have realized my mistakes. Not per one. I agree with you. I only agree with you now. Prachi doesn't listen to the maid's words. She listens to Riya's words. She is always a cheater. Now Riya has become so good in the eyes of Prachi and all the family members.

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