Kumkum Bhagya today 11 th November full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ke Riya Himisha wants to get rid of Ranveer and Prachi Don. She can't see, Riya says that now I have tolerated a lot, now I can't tolerate any more. I have to make a place for myself in Pallavi's heart Riya goes to Pallavi she starts crying in front of Pallavi she says to Pallavi please.

 forgive me I realize my mistakes Riya reacts to Pallavi Riya turns against Prachi. Riya tells Pallavi that Prachi doesn't even take care of herself when Prachi is pregnant. Nah Kiran Riya says that despite your consent, Prachi continues to work at home and doesn't take care.

 of herself at all. Palvi doesn't care about Riya's things, but Riya is such a thing from where they start getting married. Pallavi is lying on Riya's talk. Riya takes Pallavi to her side. Riya says to Pallavi that I will do whatever you say. I just need your help. Pallavi, I am talking to you about Riya. Pallavi says that I don't know when Prachi will understand me. Pallavi.

 says that Prachi is behind Ranveer. Kuch Sankar gets very happy Riya says now this Palvi has gone to my side Riya says now I can do whatever I want Riya says now I will finish her about Prachi Riya goes to hospital Riya Riya is talking to the doctor and says to the doctor that Prachi's baby has to be aborted, I will pay you a lot .

 of money for this job. Riya says you have to do this very soon. Doctor is very scared. Doctor says I can't do this. She says I can't do this. Riya tempts the doctor for money, the doctor agrees to do this after hearing the name of the money, then Prachi goes there and Prachi listens to all the talks between the doctor and.

 Riya. Thapar hits Prachi and Riya and Dr Don get scared seeing Prachi. They do, doctor starts crying, doctor starts persuading Prachi. To do all this, I just agreed with his words, but till date I have not done that. Prachi can't see anyone cry. Prachi is so good. Prachi says I will not tell anyone, I forgive you. Prachi says I am not to Riya. In Chowrangi, Prachi.

 goes home, Prachi tells Pallavi that when I went to the hospital, Riya was telling all these things to the doctor. Riya told the doctor to abort my child. She says what are you saying? Riya can't do that. Prachi says I am telling the truth. Riya says to all the family members that Prachi is telling lies. Prachi wanted to do all this with me. Prachi is upset that you don't want.

 to give consent. I will give you consent now and ISI time. Prachi tells the doctor now and ISI time. Who will find out my truth, Riya says that if everyone finds out, then what will they do with me? Riya, who is Ranveer? Sankar is confused, Pallavi also insults Riya but says that I always forgive your every mistake, but you have never tried to reach Prachi, tell Ranveer. Kosheesh ki hai, I will not.

 forgive you again and again. Everyone in the family gets very angry with Riya. No one talks to Riya. Everyone tells Riya a lot. Why is Prachi Riya's truth coming to the ears of all the family members? Pallavi says to Riya that I will not see you today even in front of Prachi. B. Staying away from Prachi. She listens to everything. Riya says I won't accept everything. Riya says I will stay away from Prachi's child. Riya says I won't give pleasure to Prachi so easily.

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