Kumkum today th Jan 20 full episode online hd

 In Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Main you will see Prachi is very upset listening to Pallavi's words. Pallavi says to Prachi that we have been insulted by your words why today Ranveer who is not talking to me is not staying with me. Ranveer's.

 father Vikram also used to speak well to me, but with your voice, he is not speaking well to me either. And it is not released, you are not good for our family. Yes, friends give it from the other side. He.

 says to his mother that Prachi has been disrespected, so there is nothing to write about. Pallavi then tells her son Ranveer that Prachi is silent because of her E-Najaj Taluk with Siddharth, which.

 Sankar thinks is too big for Ranveer. Gaa and Prachi will also be seen getting very sad hearing Pallavi's talk, you guys and Riya is going to sacrifice her. This day has to be seen and the child that is.

 Siddharth's use, why do you want to name Ranveer? If you are talking about badan, then I don't want to read it. You can't put such a person on someone. Why are you pregnant? If I tell you, the child in your stomach is not Ranveer's. How.

 do you feel? Lea says to Prachi, everyone knows that this child is Ranveer's and what do you want to do by saying all this? Report as soon as you can prove that it is really Ranveer's or someone else's. Yes, friends, Prachi will now see Kohli's family.

fighting with Valon. You will tell Logon and Pallavi when not to take it. I will not do this marriage till Tab because I also have full authority to go along because I will send the report to Pallavi Riya now.

 from the daughter-in-law of the house. We will do it today why I can't bear Prachi at home I want Prachi to get married with Siddharth as soon as possible.

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