Kundali Bhagya today Jan 16 full episode hd

 Serial Kundali Bhagya Zee TV story has become very interesting in the upcoming episode you guys will see Kareena Luthra being taken by the police to Arjun's house why you guys Kareena Luthra is so angry when you use  .  Kareena Luthra convinces Anjali not to live around Kavya, but to convince Kareena, Anjali.

 meets Kavya at Arjun's school.  Lai takes the police to Anjali's house and asks to arrest Anjali. Tab Arjun says to Kareena Luthra, what is all this happening, why don't you arrest Anjali before you act like this?  You are acting like you don't know anything, Arjun, you have forgotten. Anjali has caused Rishabh's.

 accident. Anjali has tried to kill Rishabh. Yes, you guys are such a snarky bunch of friends.  And Preeta will ask the police to arrest Anjali. This friend will be seen as police doing their job and the other police will be dark.  But despite Arjun's insistence, the police take Anjali with them to the police station and Arjun.

 doesn't know what to do.  You didn't do well with us, Preeta, you're going to be a mess, friends. Preeta gets angry with them and Luthra goes home. On the other hand, Rishabh also has to pass consciousness.  Anjali will be naked and Rishabh will say that you have tried to kill Anjali. You are in the hospital with Anjali's.

voice. Like Sankar Rishabh will confuse Kefi. You will say to Sameer. What are you saying? Why would Anjali do this?  Why do I know what is wrong with him? Yes, friends, Sameer will tell his brother Rishabh next.  Going to.

 the station will see you guys why Rishabh wants to get rid of Anjali, Rishabh doesn't want Anjali to be decorated with my voice, so Rishabh will show up at the police station and you guys will see him very soon.

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