Kundali Bhagya today 15 th November full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Mein Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali wants to get rid of Preeta and Karan Don.  Anjali says now I will go to get Karan, Anjali says even if I have to kill Preeta for that, it's up to Anjali, I will do what I want in my plan.  I will be successful and I will get Karan. Anjali says what do I want to do? Anjali is thinking that Prithvi's phone rings. Prithvi.

 calls Anjali and you give me money.  You work with me, you call me and I always help you. Prithvi says you help me today, earn money from me. I don't have money. Anjali convinces Prithvi to give money.  Prithvi is very angry and says listen to me quietly. I am talking with love. Give me money.  Prithvi says I will.

 tell everyone that why did you go to the house and what is your purpose of going to the house.  You are married to Rishabh to reach. What have you done to Rishabh? He says that I will tell the truth to all the family members, that's why I am speaking quietly. Give me money. You will not see it.  Anjali says that I am not afraid.

 of Prithvi. Anjali says that if I give him this money today, he will always keep harassing me.  Anjali doesn't care about Prithvi's words. Anjali says I won't give money. You can do whatever you want. Prithvi says I don't like it.  Prithvi says that if you don't give me money, I will kill your Karan. Prithvi says that I will kill.

 Karan. Now you see what I am doing with Karan.  She doesn't listen, she doesn't believe any of Prithvi's words as truth. Anjali says that this Prithvi can't do anything, he just keeps talking like this. Karan leaves the house to go to the office.  So I will kill him Prithvi says Anjali loves Karan a lot, no Prithvi says.

 I will end her love now  She is not giving me money.  Prithvi says that he left the house too soon. Prithvi says that now I will take my pure revenge from him. Prithvi causes an accident to Karan. Prithvi kills Karan.  He makes an accident and runs away from the car. Karan is taken to the hospital. Karan is very.

 injured. All the family members come to know that Karan has had an accident.  She starts crying, she also gets depressed, all the family members reach the hospital, when they see this condition of Karan, they are very worried.  Marne ki koshish ki hai yah sunkar sab ghar wale bahut hairan becomes hairan all the.

 family members say who can do this who is trying to kill karan why not have seen with my own eyes someone has killed them.  He has tried to kill them by approaching them, what is their accident, Anjali is very upset.  You know, it's not all thought out.  It means Prithvi was telling the truth, Prithvi has caused.

 Karan's accident, not using it. He tried to kill Karan. Anjali says Prithvi tried to kill Karan.  Found  Anjali says I have to meet Prithvi first and give money to Prithvi and Prithvi's mouth band will be Karvana till then.  Anjali goes to meet Prithvi. Anjali 

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