Kundali Bhagya today 18 November full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali wants to remove Karan and Preeta Don. Anjali wants to get Karan. Anjali wants to marry Karan. Anjali fails in her intentions Anjali can never reach Karan Anjali can't get Karan Why are Preeta's Anjali can never get Karan Anjali gives Anjali a plan to love us every time. Anjali says why does this always happen

with me? Anjali says what should I.

 do now? Anjali says that I have to do something. Anjali says that what should I do now? Anjali says that now I will not do anything with my sixty. Now I will do anything with Karan. Anjali says to wait for months till Karan. Anjali is trying to woo the Don brothers. There is an important meeting in the office. Karan is going to the office. Even then Anjali says to Rishabh, I didn't want to meet you. Anjali.

 says Karan does housework and he also does Bihar's work, so look at everyone, I don't love you even outside the house, everyone in the house loves Karan Rishabh Anjali. He says to Anjali, "No, you are talking wrong. My brother loves me very much and everyone at home. Ale Bhi Mujhse Bahut." Pyar Karte Hain Rishabh Kahate Hain Ki Gharwali Mujhse.

 Pyar Nahin Karte Karan Se Karte Hain To Is Bat Se Bhi Mujhe Koi Shikayat Nahin Hai Yah Bahut hi Achi Bath Hai Ki Sab Ghar Wale usse Rehbh Kahte Kahte Hain I also love Karan very much why ki He is my younger brother. Rishabh doesn't listen to Anjali's talk. Rishabh leaves. Anjali is not even ready to do it. Anjali.

 eats. It has become very difficult for me to do all this. Anjali starts crying. Anjali says who should get Karan in the end. Anjali says Hamisa always happens to me. No, they are not listening to me anymore, so what happened? The wedding takes place and Karan Logon also receives an invitation card. Since Karan's father's health is not good, he has to say to Karan.

 that he can't marry me, why don't you donon chale jao itne Pyar Se UN Logon Ne Hamen Invitation Card. Diya hai if we don't go then unhen Bura lagega Karan Kahta Hai Ki Theek hai Karan gets ready to go Preeta also gets ready to go with Karan, seeing all this it's been a long time, Anjali says. Anjali says I have to do anything to stop me. I have to do something. Anjali goes.

 to Rishabh and she says to Rishabh, now you have seen with your own eyes that you are not there too, despite that, you have to ask Karan to go to the wedding. Anjali says that you have no respect in this house. Karan is respected in the house, Preeta is also respected by Karam's voice, there is no respect for both of us, she.

 is making Rishabh against all the family members, Rishabh also lives in Anjali's words, we start to believe the words as truth. There, Preeta goes alone, Preeta hears everything, Preeta says to Anjali, what are you talking about, are you talking about anything, till date, never in our 

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