Kundali Bhagya today 2 November full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Jo Hua Hai, Anjali wants to get rid of Karan and Preeta Donon.  vah Karan Tak Pahunchne ke liye Rishab se shadi kar Leti Hai ab vah Dobara plan kar rahi Hoti Hai Karan Aur Preeta ko Dur karne ke liye wah kahati hai ki mene Rishab se shadi to Kar Li Hai Karan Tak Pahunchne ke liye.

 per Mujhilukhe does not like  She says I will kill Rishabh. She is thinking what will I do with Tak. Karan, Karan and Rishabh go to office. Karan goes back from office. Rishabh goes to work.  One day at home becomes too much, it becomes. very late. Per Rishab, he does not return.

 home yet. All the family members are very stressed due to Rishab.  They say, Give us your money and your mobile phone. Rishabh was not giving them money and mobile phone. They were doing dirty tricks. Even then, he was not giving money and mobile phone. So they shot.

 the dirty Rishabh and left.  So there is no one in the vehicle to help him. It is a very strange place. There is no one there. Rishabh is shot and it all happens there.  All the family members get very stressed. Karan also gets very stressed. Everyone goes to the hospital in a state.

 of anxiety. All the family members reach the hospital.  It has already happened and it is too late to bring him to the hospital. The doctor says that now he has to be operated quickly. All the family members are very stressed.  It is happening, all the family members are very worried, everyone.

 is praying for her. Anjali is very happy.  This is my only prayer that Rishabh is not alive yet. Rishabh is unconscious now. Chori Dar. He regains consciousness. This sinker is very annoying to Anjali. Anjali says it is very good Anjali.  Tell, Anjali says that all these family members are like.

 that, no matter what happens to them, they never know, they always get saved, look at Preeta, I always try to save Preeta.  Anjali is upset that you also survived. All the housemates meet Rishabh.  Rishabh's heart is taken away from Anjali that if you are his wife then it becomes your.

 privilege that now you have to keep her completely open.  I will stay as his maid now, even then Preeta goes there alone. Preeta says to Anjali that look, I was more interested in marrying Rishabh than you.  What did you think that you will come home and you will not.

 have to do anything?  Anjali gets angry and says to Preeta that I will never let you do what you are trying to do. It is your misunderstanding that I will steal the house and leave. I will never steal this house.  I will not go, Anjali says I will never let you succeed in your intentions, Anjali says I will stay to get Karan, I don't think so.  Anjali says to Preeta that she will leave the house now

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