Kundali Bhagya today 2 th November full episode hd

 Kundali Bhagya Update episode will see Aap Logon doing research in Kavya's nude. Kavya truth will be known because Arjun used to think that Kavya is Rishabh's daughter but now Arjun is going to find out the truth about Kavya. Kavya is Karnal Luthra's daughter. Nee

 my daughter has chosen me I will take my baby Kavya from Preeta Jee haan friends in which Anjali will say to Arjun you are right we will have to talk to Preeta and take Kavya before winning we will know while going to Luthra house. You.

 will see Arjun Luthra at home if he will ask Preeta to ask me if he wants my daughter Kavya Jee Haan Friends Jee Sankar Preeta will be very interested Arjun will say my daughter is the main use Why are you here Jee Haan Friends will still.

 ask Anjali Preeta it was said Karan Luthra's daughter is Fei Arjun, she is Karan Luthra. You will show it to Logon and Rakhi Luthra will also tell Mahasraf I used to tell you that Arjun is my son Karan. You guys and you guys will see Arjun very.

 soon when I find out but Rishabh will say to Arjun you are lying my brother is no longer in this world because he was Karan Luthra and you are Arjun you are never my brother's brother. Maybe Karan was very good, Arjun, not yours, then.

 your friends, Arjun will also say to Rishabh, who are you, you killed your brother for your love? Vali Sankar will say to Rishabh that this is what you two are saying, why does Arjun consider you as his enemy, what have you done to Arjun, even then Rishabh will say.

 to his family, I have nothing like that with Arjun. What if he who asks me is saying such things, yes friends like Sankar Anjali will also say to Rishabh that you are with Arjun. If you loved Preeta, you would have told Kiran, but how dare you kill Kiran?

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