Kundali Bhagya today 21 th November full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali tries to get away from Himisha Karan and Preeta Don until Anjali marries Rishabh to get to Karan.  what am i  karna chahti hun Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Main Karan ko Hasil karne ke liye Kuchh bhi kar sakti hon Anjali eats ki main Karan ko preeta ka nahin hone dungi.

 Anjali eats ki now I have to do something.  Anjali says I won't accept anything. Anjali says that I will stay away from this man. Anjali starts thinking, Anjali is upset, what should I do?  But we didn't fulfill the ritual. Karan's wish is that you want something sweet. Karan's wish is sour.

 that you want gujar halwa. In our house, we like gujar halwa very much. This makes Sankar Anjali very happy.  Anjali says what should I do, I am not getting any halwa, Anjali says what should I do now, what do I want to do, Anjali says now it's a matter of banana, who will I make, Anjali.

 says who can I help for this work?  Lin Anjali says I will make some excuse, Anjali tries hard that she doesn't make halwa, per Anjali I don't get my life.  It doesn't matter when I go to the kitchen to make halwa and secretly order it from the main halwa.  She eats it for everyone in the.

 family. Anjali and Preeta also want this halwa. Shasti eats it because Preeta makes very good halwa. Preeta says what are you talking about. Anjali is married and this ritual is now.  Anjali will do it, Anjali's halwa will be made, Shisti is weak, when did you tell me that Anjali.

 should not become Anjali, and you also make this halwa, everyone in the family is sour.  And when Preeta goes to make halwa, Anjali is very angry.  Preeta has taken away all my happiness from me. Anjali, who is it? Today was a special day for me. Look, today is the day to love me.  I am making a place for myself in my heart. If I.

 opened halwa for all the family members, then all the family members would praise me and I would become a good daughter-in-law.  Karungi Anjali is very worried. Anjali says what should I do now. Anjali says what should I do. Anjali says I will do anything.  She is in the kitchen, she is also making halwa. Anjali is sour. It.

 doesn't matter. I try to make halwa myself. Anjali is in the kitchen, in my kitchen, and she is also making halwa. As Preeta is making halwa, Preeta.  Anjali is also making halwa by the way.  Hoon Preeta is not in the kitchen Anjali takes full advantage of death Anjali gives a lot of chili dal in Adhi.  Finishes her work.

 Preeta comes in kitchen just as Preeta comes in kitchen Anjali leaves kitchen Preeta says I think she is going to do something I am doubting her Preeta  Ki I think she has gone to do something or the other Preeta says she can do anything to make me fall in the eyes of all the family even then Preeta keeps her.

 half until we check us out.  They do check there are many mirchis Preeta gets very worried Preeta says what should I do now Preeta eats she has finished my whole halwa then Preeta tries to set her halwa give me this  I don't want to tell you like this. Preeta says 

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