Kundali Bhagya today 14 jan full episode online HD


This happened in the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Anjali wants to get rid of Karan and Preeta Don.  Anjali says I have to do something. Anjali says I have to get rid of these two. Anjali starts planning. Anjali says now I have to talk to you.  I will be successful in my plan, Anjali

says no one can stop me now.  The car breaks down, Preeta is very scared, Preeta is getting very worried, there is no one to help.

 Preeta, she wakes up in a panic.  and they try to take Preeta with them. Preeta starts killing the UN goons. Lakshmi and the goons love Preeta.  Preeta now goes to another new music. When Preeta regains consciousness she starts making noise and tries to run away but she can't run away.  Karan is also getting very.

 stressed. Karan calls Preeta's house and she says, "When did Preeta leave here?"  So, why haven't you reached home yet? Karan calls Preeta, then Preeta's phone is ringing, why is everyone in the house getting so stressed, Karan, I think we should not sit like this  Anjali is getting very happy. Anjali says that she finally left. Anjali.

 is sad that wherever she went, she didn't come back. Anjali says it's about Hamisha leaving.  If she didn't try, where would Preeta have gone? Anjali says she's not home yet. Karan tries to scare Preeta.  Karan says I think Preeta is in someone's music, Karan says I will not cheat Preeta either.  Karan is going to cheat on Preeta. On the way, Karan sees a.

 car. Karan says that Preeta's gari is on the way, so it means that Preeta is also on the same route.  Gai Hogi Karan Usi Raste Se Jata Hai Karan Thora Sa Age Jata Hai Ki Use Preeta Ka Dupatta Milta Hai Karan Kahta Hai Ki Preeta Yahi Kahin Hogi Karan Usi Jagah per preeta ko dhundne ki koshish karta hai and Karan looks at Preeta ko Preeta ko Preeta Jata  If so, Preeta.

is tied up with Rishis and some goons are with Preeta. Seeing all this, Karan gets very angry and goes to Karan. She is very happy to see him.  To save me, Karan and the goons kill a lot and Karan saves Preeta.  Anjali can never get rid of Karan and Preeta Don. When Anjali sees Preeta, Anjali gets very angry.  Everyone is very happy. Anjali can't see everyone happy, so Anjali keeps quiet in her room.  Goes away.

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