Kundali Bhagya today jan 16 full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali wants to get rid of Karan and Preeta Don, Anjali wants to marry Karan.  Can't live with Rishabh. Anjali says I can't stay at home and see Karan and Preeta Don together. Anjali says I will keep them away. Anjali says I am safe only by marrying Karan.  Rahungi.

 Anjali says now I will do something that this duo will be away from a world by itself. Anjali says now I will be successful in my intentions. Now I will stay in my work. Now I plan to work. Anjali is sour.  That I will do what I want. Anjali starts thinking. Anjali says what do I want to.

 do. Even then, Anjali gets a phone call. Anjali runs away from home.  Preeta sees her and says I know why she left home like this. Preeta says she is trying to do something.  Reading is sour I think she is trying Preeta says I have to go after Anjali and I also have to find out.

 even then Preeta also goes after Anjali Preeta says no matter what happens I can't have Anjali.  Kama is trying to do something.  They go to the hotel and Preeta is shocked to see all this. Preeta says what will she do in the hotel and who will she meet?  Preeta also goes.

 inside the hotel. When Preeta goes inside, she sees that Anjali is meeting a larke. Anjali is sitting with a larke. Look at this first. Hairan Ho Jaati Hai Preeta Kahati hai ki Yah Sab Kuch  Kaise Ho Sakta hai Preeta Kahati hai ki Anjali can do all this.  Preeta says what should I do.

 now Preeta says should I go to Anjali now Preeta says no I don't want to go now Preeta says I have to go home quietly before  I have to go home so Preeta goes home Preeta is very worried Preeta says what should I do now Preeta says do I want to tell my family Preeta eats no.

 I can't tell my family now Preeta eats why  I don't even have any identity yet, Preeta says till I don't have any identity and I can't tell anything to anyone in Jata, Anjali goes alone.  She didn't go. Anjali gets very upset. Even then Anjali tells lies. Anjali says I had some work to do. She went to work and I'm in a hurry. People don't.

know anything. Anjali tells her in her room.  Preeta leaves and says now look who is lying.  Anjali goes to Amre and Anjali says that you are looking very happy from today. Anjali says why can't I be happy. Anjali says can you be happy?  If you are happy, Pari is not, I am not burning.  Yes, don't tell me.  Just don't tell any more lies. Preeta says you went to meet someone.

. Preeta says it's okay. Don't tell me, don't tell me, but I won't be in heaven. Where did you go and who did you go to meet?  Preeta says to Anjali that you will not tell anyone in Daru now. Preeta says that you are happy right now so be happy.  Anjali is very upset. Anjali says that I know this Preeta.  Anjali, what happened happened

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