Kundali Bhagya today 26 November full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali wants to get rid of Karan and Preeta Don.  Anjali says that I will be successful in my goal. Anjali says that I will not let Karan be Preeta's.  Anjali says that now I will be successful in my goal, now I will be with Kiran.  Anjali can't stay with her anymore. Anjali says first I have to do something with Rishabh. First I have to do something to him. Then.

 Anjali starts thinking about trying to do something else against him. Anjali says is the FIR against me?  Anjali still gets an ID in her mind, Anjali calls some gundon, Anjali makes any kind of plan to Rishabh.  She does this work by giving money and those goons are ready to do this work. The goons come to Rishabh's house at night and they come to kidnap Rishabh. The.

 goons leave Rishabha.  Anjali is very happy. Anjali says that now I have waited for Rishabh. Anjali now it's about Preeta.  What am I doing with you? Anjali says I am new with everyone today. Anjali is very happy with Preeta. When Anjali visits her place, Rishabh is busy at home. Kar Anjali Bahut Hairan Ho Jaati Hai Anjali.  Kahati hai ki Yah Kaise Ho Sakta hai Anjali says that the goons did not work, did the goons not kidnap Rishabh, Anjali.

 has a very hard way, talk to Anjali, take the money and I did not work, Anjali is the goons.  She is going to her work to call Shisti, then Shisti goes there. Shisti says that Sameer is nowhere to be found.  She says I think UN is upset with Gundon, they have some misunderstanding, Anjali says wow, they would have taken Sameer with them instead of Rishabh, Anjali says now it's up to me.  Who should I go to.

 the UN gangsters and tell UN Logon all this, that UN Logon has not done something wrong, there has been a misunderstanding between them, all the family members are very disturbed by Sameer's voice, they thank Sameer.  Anjali tries to talk to the UN goons, but the phones of these goons are ringing.  Do I have to do something? Anjali says before this log reaches Sameer, I have to write home to Sameer. Still, Anjali tries to go to the UN goons.

 herself.  Bihar leaves home, Preeta says it is time, what is Bihar going to do from home, Preeta says she is also using the time when we are very worried.  We have to find out what she is trying to do. Anjali says I have to go after Anjali. Anjali leaves the house. Preeta also goes after Anjali.  Preeta is also following Anjali, now Anjali says who should I kill to save Sameer? Anjali says I should save Sameer.  To go.

 Sameer Ko Pata Chal Jaega ki uska kidnap Maine Karvaya hai Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Main Aisa Nahin Hone Dungi Anjali Kahati hai ki Sameer Sab Gharwalon Ko Jakar Bata Dega Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Ab Main Kya Karun tabhi Anjali Kota Jata ki Anjali Kota Jai  Kahati is cooking. Anjali says I think someone has been following me, but Anjali stops there. Anjali realizes.

 that Preeta is thinking about her.  .  I am coming, Anjali says I will go to hospital, when all the family will ask what you were doing in the hospital, I will tell everyone that my condition was bad, that is why I went to the hospital, that is why Anjali goes to the hospital.  Preeta is very surprised when she sees her going. Preeta is upset that what is going to be done in this hospital. Preeta is 

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