Kundali Bhagya 16 Jan full episode online HD

Anjali wants to get rid of Karan and Preeta Don in the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Mein Yeh Hawa Hai Anjali wants to marry Karan Yeh Tak Ke Anjali married Rishabh to get to Karan Anjali B. Why should she marry Karan?  Anjali says that the purpose for which I was in the house, now I have to fulfill the purpose. Anjali is upset that it's enough now, now I have wasted my time.  Anjali is upset that I always lose. Anjali says that she always wins Preeta, that.

 she is not angry with me anymore.  I want to be mine. Anjali starts thinking. Anjali says what should I do in the end. Even then Karan's man goes to Anjali.  La Dogi Anjali This Sankar gets very angry Anjali is upset that I am a house servant Anjali is upset that what should I do now do you want to know me Taiyar Ho Ja  Ati Anjali goes to get the summon. Anjali is going alone. Anjali is driving a car. Anjali's car.

 causes an accident. Anjali doesn't think about anything.  A man has an accident with a huge star, the man is unconscious, the car logs are taken to the hospital, the car logs are also jammed, they say to Anjali that now we will also go to jail in case of your accident.  Anjali is very upset, Anjali starts crying, Anjali says that you are not doing this, you are giving money to people for not doing this.  Even if he.

 had been killed, you would have given money and silenced us. Anjali has grown up a lot. Anjali is upset that what should I do now. Whose help should I speak to? Even then Anjali says that Rishabh should call me now.  Is.  madad kar sakta hai Anjali is calling Rishabh, but his logs also take the phone from Anjali.  What should I do then the logs there call the cops and they go to the car they take Anjali.

Anjali tries to talk to them Anjali is showing her cleanliness to everyone.  I didn't do all this on purpose, but there is nothing about Anjali. Anjali goes to jail when everyone in the family finds out that Anjali has become one in music and now Anjali has gone to jail.  Preeta says that it is a good thing that Anjali has become one in music. Anjali says that everyone is not worried about family  Sakthi sees Preeta says I have to do something.

 but Preeta goes to see Anjali in jail. When Preeta goes to Anjali Anjali is happy to see Preeta.  I am Preeta and says to Anjali that it is nice to see me and don't think that I am here to help you.  Yes, you have always tried to kill me, so how can I help you?  Anjali says to Preeta please help me. Anjali is upset that I realized my mistake. Anjali is upset that I will never do this to you again. I look at you nothing.  to tell  Anjali is lying like that, Anjali doesn't realize her street. Anjali still considers 

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